Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Looth Tooth

Aidan hath a looth tooth. Acthually, he had two looth teeth. But one fell out today, and now he only hath one looth tooth again. (Which ith hanging by a thread and will fall out any thecond.) Lath fall, he lotht his two bottom teeth, and there'th thtill a thizeable gap down there. Now he'th on his way to lothing both top teeth. Aidan hath alwayth had a little lithp. Now it'th worth! :D

And speaking of Aidan... Beth commented that she named her Aiden after Rich Mullins' song "Let Mercy Lead". So did we! :D


LvHmBirth said...

You truly have the gift for telling a story! And hope the tooth fairy is generous ... and not forgetful, LOL.

Jonesee said...

What a great story! My oldest son just lost his two bottom teeth and the top ones are loose too. I can't wait to hear him speak with the gaping hole that is soon to be.

Kris in TX said...

Love the front teeth missing! Our youngest, Gracie, lost all four front teeth (the top and bottom two right before Christmas, and loked so cute. she even got to sing All I Want for Christmath ith My FOUR front teeth.....and stick her tongue through the large hole.