Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Last Saturday night, er, Sunday morning, Dani and I found ourselves having to make an extremely late-night run to the nearest 24-hour Walmart. We did our shopping and, walking to the car, saw the welcoming beacon of the Whataburger sign bidding us come. So we did.

I like hanging out with Dani. It doesn't take any convincing to convince her to make a late-night stop at Whataburger with me. I had a Potato and Cheese Taquito. She had a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. And it was good.

But the BEST part of that Whataburger stop was what happened as we waited in the notoriously ssslllllllooooooowwwwwww drive-thru line. We had the radio turned down low as we chatted away, and Dani suddenly said, "Hey. Give me your phone! They just said something about the 9th caller winning tickets to NRH2O."

So she dialed. It rang. THe DJ answered, "You're caller #9! Who's this?"

In her excitement, Dani put on her best valley girl voice without even meaning to, and said, "This is Stacy and Dani!"

"Oh," said the DJ. "So there's two of you?"
"You're up pretty late on a Saturday night."
"Yah, we had to go to Walmart and buy some stuff..."

The DJ cut her off mid-sentence to congratulate her on winning, and she enthusiastically sing-songy said, "Oh wow. THANK YEW!!"

THen she proceded to give him all of MY personal information, birthdate and all.

"'Cause you have to show a photo ID when you pick up the tickets," she explained later.

As we sat in the drive-thru, we laughed our heads off when her voice came across the airwaves. She was horrified at how giddy she sounded. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I SO wish I'd had my camera that night. Pictures of us being giddy together in the Whataburger drive-thru would've been fun to scrap later.

The coolest thing of all is, just a few days before, we had talked about taking the kids to NRH2O (a water theme-park for you non-locals) this summer, but wondered if we could fit it into our budget. No worries now. Dani won us a Family 4-pack of tickets. Now we only have to buy one. WOO HOO!

We're driving to Dallas tomorrow after school to pick them up. I'll take my camera.


Veronica in Aus said...

Like totally excellent!

I can just see the two of you in the drive thru talking to the DJ :)

Dirpus said...

Far out in a totally tubular way.

Stacie said...

What a fun night for the 2 of you!

Bobbie said...

Like Awesome.

That is so totally rad man.

You two like rock.

I like so remember when we used to go and like we had so much fun. I so like wish we could majorly join you dudes.

Have a total blast.

Dani said...

Ok, I like SO did not talk like a valley girl! Like o my gosh!

Nancy D. said...

Whataburger??? Did you wear red?

I don't know if I ever told you... But the first thing I saw when I pulled in the garage when I got home last March was a box we have had for.ever.

Whataburger Fries.

Beth (longaberger_lady) said...

Stacy, will you be my mom? You are like, THE coolest mom out there. My mom always fell asleep in her recliner at 9 pm. There were no late night fast food/Wal Mart trips for us.

I won Harry Connick, Jr. tickets in 2004. I had tried to figure a way to get them, but our budget wouldn't allow it, either. I was over the moon when I won them!! It was the best night ever!!


Patti in LC said...

How fun! Its so neat when our daughters can also be fun to be with!

What a great family outing to come. I love water parks.

agent713 said...

That is so like, totally awesome!!!

I love winning tickets. What a rush :) Congrats and have fun!