Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today - a quick review

Lost cell phone. Didn't even realize until the copy store place called Cara who had called my phone last and she called to tell me.

Retrieved phone. No service. Huh?

Called Cingular.
"When's the last time you powered your phone off?" asked they.
"Uh. Never," replied I.
Apparently, your cell phone is like a computer. It needs to be powered off once in a while. Okey dokey then.

Worked a lot. Crossed three more jobs off my list.

Painted some more on the boys' playhouse, 'cause Aidan is a SLAVE DRIVER. "MOM," he admonished. "You only have THREE days left and you still haven't FINISHED PAINTING IT!" Three days left until the weekend. He wants it done before the weekend. I oughta give him a paintbrush and let him have at it.

Talked to my brother Rodney, and it was joyous. Truly.

Four friends called to chat today. I called two others. Most phone time I've spent in a long time!

Watched American Idol.

Dani cooked dinner.

Gonna hit the sheets before midnight tonight.
Can you even believe THAT?

I'm exhaused, and tomorrow is another day.

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