Friday, May 26, 2006


edit: Oops! Thanls for the heads up, Debbie. Link is fixed now.

3 weeks ago today, I went cold turkey from ScrapShare, the message board that eats my time. I love it there. I have a bazillion real-life friends and cyber friends who congregate there, and it's a happy place for me to be.

At the beginning of the month, I looked at my calendar. I was swamped. I had too many jobs due and not enough days to complete them. Plus, I had several commitments to church and community that I had to uphold. PLUS, I wanted to try and be a Mom and Wife as much as possible. Something had to go from my schedule. I knew it was ScrapShare. I tried to control my useage for the first few days of the month, but I failed miserably. And so I signed off and didn't look back. I even removed the link from my favorites to avoid the tempation of "just taking a quick peek".

Six days after my initial sign-off, Chris was voted off the American Idol island, and my presence was requested on the board. It seems people were afraid I'd be crying all alone. So I logged on and posted. But I was very good. I only went to that one thread and posted that one thing.

I've logged on a few other times, too, to retrieve an address from my Personal Message box, to look for a quote that I knew was in the archive, to look for updates from Amanda.... But each time, I took care of my business and did not pass go. I did not collect $200. It took restraint and self-control. Too bad I can't exercise those two things when it comes to potatoes. Hmm.

Ok. I admit. A couple of times, I've gotten links via email that said, "You should log on and see this!" Most of them I was able to ignore. But a few of them were too tempting. So I logged on, checked out said thread, then logged back out. I felt like I was slinking around behind everyone's back. I was a SuperSpy! :)

But for the most part, I've been away. And I've missed it so much!

Even so, I have to admit it was the right thing to do. I've accomplished so much this month! More than I thought possible, really. Wanna see?

Vaune family album - 102 pages
Ira's album - 8 pages
Coleman 50th birthday album - 62 pages
Bryan vacation album - 40 pages
8 z becky brown purses

Other business items:
*secured one new client
*made initial contact and appointment with another potential client
*worked a ton on, which is NOW LIVE! (Don't y'all all go check it out at once, now. Hee hee!) I hired a wonderful web designer, who took my designs and visions and made them work exactly as I saw them in my head. You ScrapShare people know her as Turtle. For the rest of the world, her name is Tracy Bank. I recommend her highly!

Plus, these things around the house got done:
*reorganized my scraproom
*painted base coat on the boys' playhouse
*started murals on the playhouse (1 wall is complete!)
*cleaned by bedroom (a huge feat for those of you who've seen it in person recently)
*watched the Mavs beat Spurs in a 7-game series
*turned the game room into a guest room for the two college interns who will be moving in tomorrow for the summer (with LOTS of help from Dani. Actually, she did most of it.)

The rest of my house is a PIT, though.
But this weekend, I'm FREE! After I clean up my scraproom tomorrow morning, I won't step foot in there again until after our Memorial Day bash on Monday. Then Tuesday, I'll hit the ground running on a job that's due the following Friday.

And after that, I'll host my own Welcome Home party on ScrapShare.
I can't wait to get back! :)


Veronica in Aus said...

I've missed you Stacy - but I am so glad to read that you have achieved so much!

I achieved much too at the retreat I went to last some spare time? Wanna see the layouts I did??? Huh? You can see 'em all here ...see I'm not even sending you to ScrapShare to see them ;)

Meg said...

Know that you've been sorely missed on Scrapshare. I'm glad that you've been able to restrain yourself from SS. I should try that sometime. I'll bring the margaritas to your Welcome Home party but won't drink them... I will, however, use the margarita mix to make Meg's Mouthwash. Wanna swish???

Debbie ~PPD~ said...

I've missed you on SS but have been "staying in touch" with you here *Ü* I tried to go to the link you posted, but nothing is there :(
Now how about that other thing we talked about you doing AGAIN?????

Nancy said...

Missed you too. Glad you got so much done though.


Meg said...

Stace I just had to "come back" to let you know that your website rocks!! It's perfect. You've done an incredible job of showcasing your layouts and the different styles of pages and designs that you can do. Makes me want to place a HUGE scrapbook order with ya!! =)

Beth (longaberger_lady) said...

You've been missed, but I'm glad you're getting things done! Off to look at what I'm sure is an amazing website!! Can't wait to see!

Menjiness said...

We have missed you! I am so glad that you have been making so much progress on are you work. Youa re indeed a hard worker and a wonderful memory artist. The website looks wonderful. So Stacy!!!

Martha said...

Yes, we've missed you. But, I"m glad that you didn't go cold turkey on your at least we know that you may be gone but you've not forgotten us!

ginger said...

Hey, your website looks GOOD!!!!

maddiesmommy123 said...

We've missed you and can't wait until you come back. Looks like you have accomplished so much this month, though! I can't wait to visit your website.

Sarah (crazyredhead) said...

Wow, you have gotten a lot done!!

I have really missed you and can't wait to see you back on scrapshare!

agent713 said...

Stacy that is absolutely fantastic. I struggle with self control too often myself. I have found that if I conciously close SS and focus on my work I can get A LOT done. It is awesome that you've had such a productive month :)

Oh and your website is amazing! Good job Turtle :D


Bobbie said...

I love your web site.

tosin said...

LOL at the Monopoly reference! I didn't know other people did that too! I have been known to tell my children to "Go to your room. Go directly to your room. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200!"


SouthTXCMC said...

Hurry back, I've missed you... Joan and I were worried about you! I can't wait to visit your website and find out more about these purses everyone is talking about!