Friday, May 12, 2006

new favorites

We have a bedtime ritual that we go through every night, without fail.

First, Darren reads to the boys. They're on book 4 of the Chronicles of Narnia. After a chapter or two, the boys come running to me for a night-night song. Last night, I really REALLY wasn't in the mood to sing (Just ask Cara. I said something rude to her 'cause I was in such a bad mood. She loves me anyway. Thanks, Cara. And I'm sorry.) ANYway...

I was in a really fowl mood, and I didn't wanna sing, so I said, "Boys, how 'bout we just listen to 'Blackbird' on iTunes tonight instead of me singing it?"

They were all OVER that. Ian said, "I wanna listen to the song AFTER Blackbird, too."

"Me too!" exclaimed Aidan.

I knew that Ian was talking about "Piggies", which follows Blackbird on the Beatles' White Album. That song cracks him right up. So after Blackbird, I kept iTunes playing and Ian was happy.

But Aidan was definitely NOT.

"I wanted the song AFTER 'Blackbird'", he whined.

"This IS," I argued.

"NO. I want the one with the PIANO at the beginning."

I quickly added two and two and realized that he was probably talking about whatever comes after Blackbird alphabetically in my iTunes library. (Actually, he was talking about the song that comes BEFORE it alphabetically, but for some reason, my iTunes is always listed Z to A instead of A to Z, so it plays afterward.)

When the very first note of "Better Days" by the Goo Goo Dolls played, Aidan relaxed into a huge smile and said, "YAH. This is the one."

I love that my kids are so moved by music. Dani is, too. She often blogs lyrics, because they so often say what she's thinking. My kids. They are SO like me.

That's not such a bad thing. :)


tosin said...

Ah yes. My kids are SO like me too. Like you, I consider it to be a blessing.

Happy Mother's Day!!


Nancy D. said...

You can fix that ya know....

Just click on titles again....

...just sayin'

Bobbie said...



Kevin Land said...

ahh yes...our family has similar rituals. Samantha, who is just learning to read, likes to pick our her favorite songs. Shrek 2 soundtrack is a current favorite for the kids. HELP