Saturday, May 06, 2006

the week in pictures 2

Sunday: Cara and I took the Middle School girls from Fortress to see Akeelah and the Bee. GREAT movie.

Monday: A study in tessellation - Dani had to make art out of a repetitive shape in Geometry class. She saw several things in these shapes, but ultimately decided to go for Dumbo. :)

Wednesday: Aidan lost his first top tooth. The other one is barely hanging on, but it still hasn't fallen out. Pay no attention to the Cheetos residue on his teeth. Yuck. Should've made him brush before I started snapping pics!

No pics. I worked my tail off all day. :)

no pics. I shopped all day for decorations and such for an event I'm decorating for on Monday.

While planting flowers this afternoon (including a hydrangea bush - my FAVORITE!), Darren discovered and transplanted a tiny cedar tree. He's going to try to make a bonsai out of it - something he's always wanted to do. :)


Kevin Land said...

Do you guys remember the bonsai I had in college? My mom gave me a nice 25 year old one whe found at a garage sale. I have it at my office. I hope you enjoy the cedar. I suggest making several and giving one to each of your kids as a living legacy.

Anonymous said...

I love hydranga's I almost bought one to plant by the pool, but I am in the middle of painting, so i skip buying the plant and opted for a day of painting! FUN FUN....

Christy said...

Rock on Stacy- get that work done! I'll be thinking about you as I haul boys to baseball and other such motherly duties.

Noel the Dog said...

my mom tries each year to bonsai little japanese maple seedlings that sprout in her garden...never works..if Darren succeeds, let me know :)