Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stacy's Wish List

Dear Dad,

I was teasing when I said I have a long list. The truth is, I can't really think of anything I want. Well, wait. That's not true. I can't think of anything I want that anyone can afford to buy me. HA!

There's the VW bug that I'm still mourning - you know, the one that David burned up on the side of 121 all those years ago. I want another one still.

I've been coveting a set of Fiestaware for years. 8 place settings. Sunflower, Tangerine, Peacock and Scarlet. But that'd set you back a pretty penny.

I want my kitchen gutted and remodeled. I want to add a wall in the front room and turn that wasted space into Darren's library (with pocket doors!) and an entry hall. I want to paint my house. When we bought it, I said ,"I will not live in a pink house. We're painting it first thing." It's still pink. It's almost been 4 years. So you see, there's really nothing I want. HA!

It occurs to me that I've now lived OUT of your house for more years than I lived IN it, and since hundreds of miles have separated us for the last 17 years, you probably don't know me well these days. My family room is red and creamy white with black accents. I love brown and red together. My kitchen stuff is red. I love dark red - like OU red. Orangey-red, not so much.

I collect old hymnals, old promotional yardsticks with Fort Worth businesses on them, and the letters S and K - wooden, iron, whatever.

I don't wear slippers, but fuzzy warm socks are good.

I want a maid.

I keep losing the lens caps for my 35mm lenses.
I love a big fluffy bath sheet. Not a towel, but big enough to cover my wide hide. Bath. SHEET. I don't like bath stuff that smells like food. Darren once bought me a set of coffee-scented bubble bath, lotion, etc. I thought I'd throw up every time I smelled that stuff. He was sweet and took it back. To Sears. Never buy bath stuff at Sears. I never take baths anyway.

I love a hot, hot HOT shower. Hey! I'd love a new shower head that really pulsates and gives me serious water pressure. Installed. I want a tankless water heater or two, so I can get rid of the water heater in my scrap room that always makes me worry. If it explodes, that'd be BAD.

About three or four times a year, I get a hankerin' for a cigar. There's only one way to squash that hankerin', ya know. Sorry, Dad. I'm sure that makes you proud. HA.

My bedding is black and white toile.

I love NY Times crossword puzzles, but most other crosswords make me cranky.

I need a vacuum cleaner that's lightweight enough to cart up and down the stairs. The only carpets I have are on the stairs and two small area rugs.

I read every night. If I don't have anything to read, I'll go into the bathroom and read shampoo bottles and tampon boxes if I have to. I must read before I fall alseep.

I like necklaces that are colorful and funky.I don't own a nice pair of earrings, and I'm 38 years old. Dontcha think a 38-year old woman ought to own at least one pair of nice earrings? I don't like gold. I don't like brass. I do love silver.

I collect those old-timey alarm clocks with the hammers and bells on top.

Darren cooks more often than I do, and he prides himself on not using recipes. I wish he'd use recipes. Don't tell him I said that.

I love fresh flowers and wish I could afford to keep them on my dining table all year long. I hate to garden. I think it's David's fault, 'cause he used to stick worms and crickets down my shirt in the garden at The Farm.

We love to have friends over to eat dinner and play cards.

This year, I kicked my Sonic Diet Coke with Vanilla addiction again.

I love board games, but I haven't bought a new one in about three years.

I want a timer so lamps will come on and go off on their own, whether we're here or not.

I have a list. It's called "Things to Do In my Life", and on it are things like "skydive", "take a hot air balloon ride over Fort Worth and the surrounding countryside", "wear a size 10 again", "get published". I've crossed off a bunch of things already... "dye my hair red" (did that when I was 25), go to New England in the fall (2000, when I was 7 months pregnant with Aidan), grow an herb garden (actually, Darren does all the work. HA!), buy an old house (2004).

Some of my happiest memories involve The Farm (specifically, you letting me mow on the riding mower, and me going out of my way to run over snakes with it!)... (and also, weinie roasts and hauling water for the pigs, believe it or not). Some of my worst memories involve The Farm (specifically, walking into the woods and right into a sea of tree worms)... (and also, the cricket incidents I mentioned earlier).

I love my kids and actually enjoy being around them, which seems to be a rarity these days when I look at the world around me. Darren loves me even when I leave the dinner dishes for two days running, and even when he has to start a load of underwear 'cause I forgot. He gets up most mornings and gets the kids breakfast, giving me another 15 minutes to sleep. He supports me in everything I do and strive to be. Basically, he spoils me rotten and makes me believe that I'm beautiful and cherished. I'm a lucky, lucky girl!

If I went back to college, this time I really WOULD be there to learn, but I don't know for sure what I'd major in. I still love to write, but life has taught me that as much as I love my own kids, I don't so much like other people's kids. A teacher would be a miserable career choice for me, and frankly, that's likely where my English degree would've taken me. I love my friends' kids, but mostly only because I love my friends. And I'd rescue a kid from the middle of the street, but I'd call the pound or something immediately.

I love the teens and young adults at Fortress, 'cause love brings out the best in them, and they're starving for it. I never in a MILLION YEARS thought I'd be passionate about inner city ministry. I never dreamed I'd feel comfortable driving into and walking through the projects at dusk. No one could have made me believe that I'd fall in love with them so deeply that my heart swells with pride when they succeed, and crumbles with ache when they don't. I believe that God has blessed me richly - through friendships, marriage, my family, my hobbies - so that I have the experience, the compassion, and the time that Fortress needs. I feel blessed to have found my calling there.

My life motto is simple: Choose Joy.

(I still want a maid.)

I love you, Dad!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

need a giggle?

I do. I need a giggle. Here it is:

Nice evening out.
All dressed up.
Smile for the camera!

Look again: