Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Darren came home from work today and the first thing he told me about was the white erase board outside his office. Someone had written the question: "If you could name the 8th dwarf, what would his name be?"

Darren added two suggestions to the list:
Frilly and Stumpy.


Based on my mood and condition this evening, I'd add these:
Feisty (I am. Ya wanna fight?)
Busy (I am. I have three jobs due at the end of this month, and I only just started one of them today. But I wasn't too busy to make a late-night run to the local beer barn with Cara earlier. I got a huge-honkin' Dr Pepper. Sorry to disappoint you.)
Smelly (I am. Funky would be another good name. I need a shower.)
Windy (I am. ahem. Excuse me.)

So. What would YOU name the 8th dwarf?


Beth said...

You mean, no girl dwarves (dwarfs?)


Studly dwarf?
Manly dwarf?
Dwarfy dwarf?
Smurfy dwarf?

Can we still call them dwarfs in this age of political correctness? Let's call them:

"Snow White and the 7 Vertically Challenged Miner Dudes"

Veronica in Aus said...

Shorty. What? That's not politically correct? :P

OK how about - George. Just to be different.

Jonesee said...

Snooty...there seems to be one in every crowd. :(

Cara said...

After last night all I can come up with is Stupid! :)

Annie said...

Ohhh, we've done this before and drawn them!

Lumpy or Mumpy
Humpy (not a drawing we could ever share) :)

Meg said...


Cara said...

Humpy! Now that was a good one! When has there ever been a group of men where someone couldn't be described as Humpy! Good one, Annie!