Saturday, May 13, 2006

the week in pictures 3

Fortress Golf Scramble benefiting the Youth Development Center and Literacy Lab. I was in charge of decorations:

Tuesday: spent the day cleaning house (even my bedroom!) and reorganizing my scraproom and new cabinet. No photos yet, though. Had the house treated for carpenter ants, which I discovered while cleaning. ARGH. It's always something, ain't it?

Finished a purse job:

Worked on pages for Baby Ira. This was one of my favorites, 'cause the little kids in them are such cutie pies.

Friday: Darren did more tree surgery on the dead cedar. See this limb that's falling? It broke three of the spindles off of my fence. GRRR. At least he didn't break his HEAD, that... that... that MAN.

Today: Darren and I went to the Fairmount Historic Neighborhood Tour of Homes. ALWAYS come away with nifty ideas after going through those houses. I actually talked to one of the home owners about doing a before/after album of his home renovations, and he was very interested in that. Gave me his number and said to call him. YIPPEE!

Tonight, we went out for "Mother's Day" (instead of tomorrow lunch, when we'll be eating chili dogs with the kids at Fortress. YUM! ;))... I picked La Familia, 'cause they've recently moved to a grander, bigger, more neato location and I hadn't been yet. It's my favorite locally-owned Mexican food place. Dani and I shared fajitas, which they douse in Everclear and then set ablaze right at your table.

After that, we came home and watched the Mavs barely eek out a victory over the Spurs. I barely breathed for the last 26.6 seconds of the game, which, in true basketball fashion, lasted for 20 minutes.

Now I'm enjoying the last little bit of the evening, catching up on blogs (YAY!!! Ira went home today!), answering emails, enjoying a Blue Bell ice cream sandwich, and listening to Darren playing the piano.

Life is simple, but oh so good. :)


Bobbie said...


you brought tears to my eyes. i love the ira page. love it!

~PPD~ said...

The grad photo is wonderful, Ira's page is great, good job on the table decorations and last but not least....Happy Mother's Day!
Debbie ~PPD~

dalyn said...

Oh, Stac! It's so glad to "hear" your voice. I love that you are so dedicated to do this so regularly. Bless you and your family for all the service you give to Christ and your fellow man!

Nancy D. said...

I guess I shoulda sent you a pic from my phone in the bathroom when I called you.... :D