Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I am...

...tired. I should be in bed.
...satisfied. I just ate the last mozarella stick from tonight's party.
...stressed. I have a job due and I don't wanna work on it.
...hopeful. For Nikki, who's fulfilling a dream and moving to College Station next week.
...worried. About the burning smell that permeated my scrap room again tonight. Darren promises to look into it tomorrow when there's light.
...shocked. At the blogs I just discovered, written by kids who go to Dani's school.
...remorseful, after snapping at Aidan, "What are you doing down here?!" Turns out, he was coming to give me a night-night kiss.
...frustrated. There's so much I want to do, but so many ropes that keep me tied down.
...agitated. Darren's been short and snappy with me this week, and I hate it.
...sorry. That I'm such a selfish wife. I have bad weeks, and he deals with it. But when he has a bad week, I don't WANNA deal with it.
...tired. I should go to bed.
...reckless. I'll probably regret this blog in the morning.


Nancy D. said...

Just so ya know.... It's been a bad week for husbands in these parts too.

Seriously. Not just mine. Other husbands of other wives too.

They've all been snappish. Maybe it's something in the air? Maybe their cycles are all synced?

Maybe it's how they are dealing with all that Katrina has wrought? We cry. They snap? Dunno....

But yea! Don't be bringin' your snap to ME! ;)

IStandAmazed said... said something about Beth Moore. I just wanted you to know that University is having a Beth Moore series starting Wednesday, Sept. 28th @ 7 called "Believing God". It's gonna last 10 weeks. Wanna meet me there?