Thursday, September 01, 2005


I've been planning to attend the Urban Missions Conference in Memphis, in mid-October. It's a great opportunity to get educated, encouraged and equipped to do the inner city ministry which is so important to me.

But Tuesday night, I blogged, then started brainstorming. I decided I'd skip the conference and instead, spend that week a little further south than Memphis... along the Mississippi coast.

Wednesday morning, I received an email explaining that the conference has been cancelled. The cancellation has nothing to do with Katrina. I am convinced that God used that cancellation to say to me, "Go. THis is what you're supposed to do. Now you have NO DOUBT."

So I'm going. I'm establishing communication with churches and elders in the Biloxi area, and hopefully, we'll have some idea of what we can do... and where... within the next few weeks.

Wanna come? Just let me know. Let's overwhelm them with help!


Yesterday marked a very sad anniverary for me... the anniversary of Donna's death. Most of you know the story, but for those of you who don't, or who want to read it again, here it is. I scrapbooked the photos last week; the layouts are at the end of the online album.


My parents are coming for the weekend. They'll be here in the morning. There is much to do before they arrive... including cleaning that will pass Mom's white glove test. Or wait. Maybe I don't care if I pass anymore. hee hee. That's a liberating thought. I oughta consider it some more! :D


Nancy D. said...

Just might.....

Will know more in a few days....

Bobbie said...

Brianna literally counts the days until you and the boys were going to be here in Oct. after the conference, now that your plans have changed, we need to talk, I want to be apart of this mission if possible. Let me know how I can be, wether it be I can go, or if I can take time off from work and keep the boys :) let me know. I am kinda curious how mom and dad are going to make it there, we are running out of gas here in Jackson.