Thursday, September 29, 2005


Day 3 of taking my Synthroid. :)
I probably should go to the doctor so they can retest my thyroid levels so they'll know where I am, and how this dosage is working. I've been getting nagging reminder phone calls and text messages from at least 4 of you. THANK YOU! Only 18 more days, and this'll be a habit. :)

I broke out of my scrapworking funk by scrapping some of my own photos. It was therapeutic. Wanna see 'em? :)

If you wanna see them bigger, click here.


Deb ~PPD~ said...

I'm so happy to see "new" s/b pages by 'ya girl & to hear you're back on the road to recovery! *Ü* The s/b pages are AWSOME as always, which tells me, my hero "Cowtown Stacy" is bacccccAkkkkkkk!!! You're in my thoughts & prayers daily!
I luv 'ya girl
{{{{cyber hugs}}}}
Deb ~PPD~

Veronica in Aus said...

Great to see you're out of your "funk" - and what fabulous pages too!

Nancy D. said...

I am VERY VERY good at nagging.


Just ask Kaitlyn. Or Dani. Cause Kaitlyn's prolly...err... PROBABLY... complained about it to her.p