Friday, September 30, 2005

The answer my friend...

Our weather is insane. It was 103 degrees yesterday. Now, it's 63. Anyone who says Texas doesn't have seasons, I dare you to come visit right now. Right now. 'Cause if you wait, you'll miss it. By Saturday, it'll be 94 again, and we'll be rollin' into Indian Summer. In about 3 weeks or so, we'll slam head first into Dead of Winter. But for this moment, this is Autumn. Catch it if you can!


Darren loaded Google Earth on my machine tonight. WHOA. I've heard about it, but tonight, I finally navigated it myself. For far too long. I revisited the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Wicklow Mountains and Amsterdam. Then I flew over to the Red Sea and checked out where the Israelites are thought to have crossed, hurried through Iraq, over to Italy, out over the Atlantic, and back to the U.S., where I followed the Colorado through the Grand Canyon, climbed Guadalupe Peak, zoomed in on my house, checked out my old workplace to see if my car was there (it wasn't), spied on my brother and sister-in-law in Oklahoma (DANG, they have a lot of land... I never realized!)... and managed to find Mom and Dad's digs by locating the nearest Wal-mart. I thought about checking out Yellowstone and Seattle, and flying out to Sacramento, then up to Detroit, then down to Huntsville... but I've got motion sickness. You know that feeling you get when you've been riding roller coasters all day, and when you finally fall into bed that night and close your eyes, your stomach starts riding again? Even as I type, I feel like the screen is zooming and tilting and focusing and .....blerrrrrrrpfh.


Is it considered "getting dressed" if I sleep naked, but then wake up in the morning and put on pajamas? And stay in 'em all day? No? Rats.


Bloglifted from a professor at ACU:
"Michael Brown said his greatest mistake in directing the Katrina relief effort was in not realizing for so long that Louisiana is dysfunctional. Does the man not read Grisham novels?"


The boys are spending the night with Grammy tonight. Strangely, I was sad to see them go. Usually, I leap for joy as soon as their car turns the corner. Sometimes I wait 'til they start backing out of the driveway. A few times, I lasted until they hopped in her car. And then there were those times I whooped and hollered when she rang the doorbell.


Dani just received her first high school report card. She's in all honors classes. She made straight A's. The lowest grade was a 93. She worked for those grades, and I'm proud of her. But also, I'm relieved that our two-year homeschooling experiment didn't blow up in my face today. ;)


I like to watch design shows on HGTV, but never in a million years would I let Design On A Dime Kristen and her team near my house. They scare me. And Kristen's outfits ALWAYS match the room she just designed. That annoys me and my "I've-carried-it-every-day-for-two-years-what-do-you-wanna-make-of-it" turquoise purse to no end.

"I found love at a Kmart store" is the most annoying commercial I've ever heard in my life.


Darren has keenly observed that I've developed a wild --er, MILD-- attraction to South American men. I do not deny it. I'm gonna start calling him Miguel.


I'm buying season tickets to the Symphony tomorrow morning with money I have not yet earned. I'm a wild woman. It must be in the wind. Yah. The Weather Insanity is rubbin' off on me. Yup.


Patricia said...

Glad to hear or at least read that it seems that you are feeling a bit better! I always love to read your blog, you are in inspiration to the person that I hope to be sometime soon!

Liz said...

""I found love at a Kmart store" is the most annoying commercial I've ever heard in my life."

That commercial was one of the most terrifying moments of my past week. What WERE they thinking?

That's all. :)

Nancy D. said...

Day four of Snythroid and she's BUZZIN'!

Me? Normy just rubbed my "oh yea, this is why I hate working retail" feet and left to get Chinese...

I could call him Miguel when he gets back and confuse him.

But no buzzin' from me today. Or tomorrow. Or the next... and so on and so on....

Cara said...

Wow, the thoughts are really running. Did you forget to take your schitzophrenia meds today? Just kidding! Love ya!

Kim said...

Congrats to Dani, and what is this software? If I went out on my patio and waved could you see me?