Thursday, June 16, 2005

To Do:

Sometime back in March, I wrote out a to-do list on our kitchen chalkboard. I love to-do lists. I'm one of those freaks who will do something that's NOT on the list, and then ADD it to the list, just so I can mark it off.

Around mid-May, I started feeling sorta cranky that we hadn't crossed anything off The List yet. So Darren and I went through and marked each chore with a percentage of what we'd accomplished. Sad, isn't it? Could've probably planted an herb or laid a brick in the time it took to do that. But it makes me feel productive to see the percentages there, and especially to see them change.

Then this week, a sad thing happened. Our paint job had been given a 10% rating, because the room was taped off and ready to go. Sometime after the debacle we now fondly call "Previous Home Owners Are Morons", someone scratched a new designation next to the 10% mark. "...and declining".

I think it was Dani. Punk that she is. I think she should be grounded for such a grievous act of ..... nah, nevermind. I'll just make her keep scraping those walls. Hmph.

Can I mark an item off The List if I hire someone to do it?? In another episode of "Previous Home Owners Are Morons", we found that when the storm windows were installed on this house, no one bothered to clean the outsides of the original windows. So now we have grime sandwiched between two panes of glass. You know me. I'm not a clean freak. If I say that my windows need to be cleaned, you better believe that they NEED to be cleaned. We're not talking about a speck of dust here and a streak of grime there. We're talking "viewing the world through a haze of crap". A gazillion windows riveted on to this house, and they all need to be removed and cleaned. So I've hired a man who's happy to do the work. I say that my work is done, and I should be allowed to cross that item off the list.



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