Monday, June 20, 2005

Super Heroes

We're in the midst of SuperHeroMania here at the Kocur house. It began several months ago when the boys first saw the movie "The Incredibles". Ever since, Aidan is very proud to announce to anyone who will listen that he is a super-dooper fast runner. He'll run in place for a few seconds for effect before actually taking off, and he always comes back huffing and puffing, to prove to you just how fast he is.

A month or so ago, the boys discovered a Batman movie on TV and fell in love. Then, last night, Darren and I went to see Batman Begins at the theater. Ian was positively distraught that he didn't get to go. "But I didn't SEE that movie yet! Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!" Fast forward to this afternoon, and one of the original Superman movies was on TV. We caught the last 30 minutes of it... enough to see Christopher Reeve stop the earthquake, repair the San Andreas Fault, and fly around the earth fast enough to turn back time so that he could save Lois Lane. The special effects were hilariously BAD (how far we've come!!), but the boys were in awe. SUPERMAN!!

For the rest of the day, their baby blankies came out of hiding and served as capes, and the boys ran circles around the house, crying, "I'm Batman! I'm Superman! We're gonna kill all the BAD GUYS!"

At one point, Darren started blocking their path with his legs. Ian planted his feet, furrowed his brow, and with all the seriousness his 3-year-self could muster, lowered his voice and said, "SAY YOUR PRAYERS, BAD GUY."

We're not sure where he picked THAT up, but it was hilarious. I never cared one whit about Superheroes as a kid. Dani never cared, either. I thought I'd escaped unscathed. But no.

I have boys. And boys don't care about Superheroes. Boys ARE Superheroes. :)

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