Monday, June 13, 2005


I've always wanted to make a kaleidoscope using photos. But I've always put it off, 'cause frankly, was scared of the math. The measurements and angles intimidated me. But last night, I sat down and did it! I almost walked away from the project twice, but finally something clicked and it all made sense. As soon as I whacked the first photo, the rest was easy sailin'.

The funny thing is, I chose a photo that annoys me. It's a close-up of an azalea bush that I took in my front yard this spring. I've never been a pink person, and seeing the fuschia flowers blooming against the shell pink of my house makes me curl my lip. They're obnoxious. People are always aghast when I speak of my distaste for the sanguine show-offs, as if it's sinful or unpatriotic to feel such a thing. "You don't LIKE the azaleas??? What is WRONG with you??" It's not the flowers, it's the pink. Give me red any day!

Last weekend, to make room for the boys' play area, Darren uprooted 6 azalea bushes from the back yard and offered them to our new neighbors. Within hours, LuAnn was gleefully transplanting them in her front yard.... perfectly mirroring the row of azaleas in MINE. Our across-the-street neighbors were ecstatic. Seems they LOVE the show every spring. "Don't EVER uproot the plants in your front yard!" they begged. "We'd be so sad!" Hmph. I have plans for that spot. IT does not include pink azaleas.

Then again, I saw an ad in Sunday's paper. Five gallon azalea bushes were on SALE for $30 a pop. THIRTY BUCKS. There are 12 bushes across the front of my house. Maybe I should learn to like 'em, eh?


Elaine said...

Gorgeous, Stacy! I need to do one of these... Haven't found the right photo yet. Hmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

hey, you're doing great! all the blogs have been fun to read. only 2 more weeks and it will be a habit. :-) Me