Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Interview with Ian, age 3½

Who's your favorite superhero?
Batman cuz he has a batman suit.

What do you do when you first wake up?
Eat breck-thist

And what do you like to eat for breakfast?
A peanut butter and jelly sramwrench (he says, with his index finger in the air, as if to stress the point)

But you don't eat peanut butter and jelly for breakfast!
Well. But I WANT to. But I just eat cereal.

What kind of cereal do you like the best?
Cat'n Crunch. The Daddy kind. (that would be Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch, lol)

What do you want to do tomorrow?
Go somewhere.

Fortress (our church)

What do you like about Fortress?
Going to class, because it has play-doh.

What's your favorite color?
I'm gonna try this Buzz Lightyear underwear on.

Okay. But what's your favorite color?
Bwue. This Buzz Lightyear underwear is Aidan's.

What do you love about Aidan?
Can I just keep this Buzz Lightyear underwear on? I wike this underwear.

Yes. What do you love about Aidan?
Sometimes he be's nice to me and sometimes he be's mean.

What do you love about Sissy?
She takes care of me.

What do you love about Daddy?
He's a good fixer.

And what do you love about Mommy?
Well. How do you spell 'I don't know?'?

If you could be any animal you wanted, what would you be?
(angry voice): No animal! 'Cause I'm just a PEOPLE!

What's your favorite snack?
peanut butter on a spoon

What song do you like to sing?
(adamantly): Nuffing.

Oh, Ian. You like LOTS of songs!
Well. I like 'I Don't Wanna Live On The Moon'.

What will you be when you grow up?

Batman kills bad guys. And I wanna be at a new house and I'm gonna name that house "Batman's House".
But I also wanna be a train driver. I wanna drive Thomas.

What's your favorite toy?
A sword.

Who loves you the most?
Aidan does. He just lets me look at his ABCD Book. (a scrapbook that I made for Aidan when he turned two.)

What's your favorite book?
Well. I don't have an ABCD Book. (Might as well plunge a dagger through my heart. My poor, neglected last child!)

But my favorite newbie (movie)is Shark Boy and Lava Girl, but I didn't get to see it yet. (Probably won't. Yuck.)

Where do you like to go out to eat?
Well. My favorite rest-a-rant is MixDonald's.

What do you like to eat there?
(looks at me like I'm an idiot) Chicken nuggets.

What do you like to eat at home when Mommy cooks?
Macaroni and Cheese

Where do we live?

Where in Texas?

No, not where IS Texas. What town IN Texas do we live?
(sigh) Fort Wurf.

Where does daddy work?
at his work

What does he do there?
He works at his computer.

What does he do on his computer?
He pways games.




Kris in TX said...

Stace, we love Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch here too! But I can't buy it, because since we all love it so much, a box only lasts a day or two. Love your kiddos!

Denise said...

Stacy -- I can't wait to read your entries when I get a chance. The beauty is that I usually get to read 2-3 at a time. I love that because I don't want them to stop -- I want your entries/stories to go on and on. Thanks for doing this.

I'm loving the Superhero episode. I guess I'll have that in store for me with the twins. Right now, their big thing is trucks and when we're in the car, Garrett says "Mommy -- BIG T-r-r-r-r-u-u-u-uck!!!" And little Clayton who doesn't speak as well or as much is usually in the backseat giving me the sign language for "More" and then he says "Tuck". It's fun to see how they work to improve those communication skills, isn't it?


eZeR. said...