Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day, Darren!

Part of what makes Darren such a good husband is that he is such a great Daddy! Take today, for instance.

He woke up early and set the boys' sandbox up as a surprise for them. (It's been dismantled for a few months while we did some major work in the backyard.)

As he does every morning, when Dani goes for her morning jog, he waits for her return before he leaves.

Aidan said to me this afternoon, "I hafta get my shoes on, 'cause Daddy's taking us kids somewhere. And you're not invited. You need a break. That's what Daddy said."

Upon their return, Aidan said, "We bought you a surprise, but I'm not supposed to tell you, 'cause it's a secret."

While they were out, Darren bought them gum and candy, just because.

And part of what makes him such a good Daddy is that he's such a great husband!

While they were out, they shopped for my birthday, and the only gift they bought is the one that the boys picked out. :)(I wonder if they can keep the secret for a whole week??)

He cooked brunch for all of us.

Tonight, he took me out on a date. (We saw the new Batman movie.) When Ian cried because he wanted to go, Darren said, "I'm taking MOMMY on a date. It's her turn.

Back at home, we sat in the car in the driveway, with the stereo cranked as loudly as we thought old Mrs. Schou next door would allow (and then some)... and jammed to Boston's "More Than A Feeling". Niiiiice.

Once inside, we cuddled on the couch, alternating between ESPN, CNN and HGTV. (Nerds. We are definitely nerds!)

I'm one lucky girl. Being married to my best friend -who happens to be a great Daddy- is serendipitous. It's the dream I never knew I had. These may seem like little things, but you know what? Little things rock my world! And this was just today. I can't wait for tomorrow. :)


Deeeebeeee ~PPD~ said...

Happy Father's Day "Big Guy" *Ü*

Denise said...

Hi Stacy! I've been out of town and off ANY computer for 2 solid weeks and in going through the backlog of e-mails, I had to stop at yours and go to your Blog. I've never even been to a blog or seen a blog or read a blog or . . . so of course, now I've totally ceased my quest to get current with the rest of my e-mails and I've HAD to read all of your blog! I truly delight in your writing style. You have such a gift. I couldn't stop and I just hope you continue to write about your day-to-day experiences -- it's sweet, it's sappy, it's warm and loving, it's happy and smiling, it's entertaining and best of all -- it's FREE entertainment. You know I always love what you have to say about your awesome family and the pics you include just add to the animation playing out in my mind's eye as I read your delightful stories. Keep up the great work.

probably your Biggest Fan!

Melissa in AUS said...

Forget, for a second, how lucky you are. He is one lucky man to have a wonderful lady as you for his wife!

This entry brought a tear to my eye :)