Thursday, February 01, 2007

100 days smarter

Aidan came home today wearing a badge that boasted the title of this blog. Today was the 100th day of school, and that's a BIG DEAL to my little kindergartener. He's been anticipating today's events since day 10, when Zero the Hero visited his classroom and rubber banded the first grouping of 10 straws together. Every day, the class leader gets to pull a straw and place it in a cup with the others. When ten are gathered, they get rubber banded together. It was a neat way for the kids to see the numbers adding up.

Aidan had homework this week to commemorate the day. All of the Kindergarten classes worked together on a big wall mural. Aidan was assigned #94, and was assigned the task of creatively displaying it. He chose to use my scrapbooking stamps to make his numbers. First, he drew the numbers, then drew around the numbers to make them boxy, then he filled in the outline with 9s and 4s. So clever! He was proud as punch of his artwork.

His second assignment was to bring 100 items in a baggie. They had to be all the same item, and had to fit in a quart-size baggie. I offered a dozen suggestions, but he vetoes q-tips, mini-marshmallows, cheerios, pebbles, buttons and screws. Finally, when I suggested sunflower seeds, he got excited. lol!

I wanted to go to school today and experience 100th Day with him, but ALAS! I'm sick. So I waited anxiously for him to get home and fill me in.

"How was it, Aidan?"
"It was more exciting that I thought it would be!" he exclaimed.
"Cool! Why?" I probed.
"Just because," he answered, bounding out of the room, headed for his toys.

Tomorrow, Ian goes to Kindergarten Round-UP. This time next year, I'll have another kid who's 100 days smarter. :)


nesa scraps said...

oh what an adorable layout that is going to make! and such ingenuity they are using to get kids excited about school

Veronica in Aus said...

What a clever guy! Love his numbers.

agent713 said...

That is awesome! I love the "Zero the Hero" and using straws to count days. Love the "94" too. WTG Aidan!

Anonymous said...

so cute!! My son is doing the same types of things, his 100th day of kindy is next week!!

Lars in NH

Karen said...

Must be a popular grade school thing. Both my daughter and son had to count out 100 things and bring them in baggies too. Last time we did it, I believe we chose Lego pieces. I wish I would have taken pictures. It would have been so cute in their school albums.

Cyndy said...

As a former (and soon to be again)Kindergarten teacher, I love this post. Aidan is such a smart boy! His contribution to the 100 collage is OUTSTANDING!!
Tell him that in 2nd grade, Hayley got to bring in 100 pieces of her favorite cereal. They each got a milk and had a 100th day breakfast celebration. School is cool!

Beth said...

Today was my Aiden's 100th day, too, but because of the snow day yesterday the celebration will be on Monday.

Aiden was assigned 100 pretzel sticks. They're making a huge bowl of snack mix.

My Aiden is so excited. He can't wait, either!