Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Aidan's been sorta kinda sick. I mean, he's had dark circles under his eyes, but that's not highly unusual for him. Yesterday, I sent him to school even though he woke up whiny, complaining of a sore throat. I figured it was allergies and drainage, possibly compounded by all the dust floating around the house from Darren's project.

Last night, he cried at dinner, and couldn't swallow his food because his throat hurt so bad. He kept saying "My brain hurts", which has always been his way of saying he has a headache. The little glands in his neck were swollen, so I kept him home today and made a doctor's appointment.

All day long, I kept thinking, "What a mistake. This kid is FINE." He played happily all morning and afternoon. He ate Batman soup and goldfish crackers for lunch without a single complaint. He didn't have a fever. I kept the appointment anyway.

During our hour-long sit in the waiting room, I watched a little patch of rash break out on Aidan's cheek. He was more lathargic than usual, but not whiny. He wanted to be held, and kept asking me to rub his back.

In the exam room, the doctor said, "His glands are definitely swollen, and his throat is red. It could be Strep Throat, or it could be a virus, in which case, he'll just have to wait it out."

I was surprised that the doctor didn't mention the rash that was evident when Aidan took off his shirt. Tiny red dots covered his torso. So I mentioned it. "He's developed this rash in the past hour. Isn't that indicative of a viral infection?" The doctor looked closer, and said, "Actually, that's more indicative of strep!" He asked me to pull down Aidan's pants to inspect below the waistline, which was covered in red spots. "I'm convinced that he has Scarlet Fever," he said. "The rash always starts down here and works its way up. It'll get worse before it gets better. Scarlet Fever often goes hand-in-hand with Strep Throat. Let's order a culture."

30 minutes later, after swabbing and microscoping, we were on our way to the pharmacy for antibiotics. My poor little man has Strep Throat and Scarlet Fever! The thing is, he just doesn't act like he feels that bad. I had strep at least once a year when I was a teen, and I still remember how miserable it felt. The last time I had it, about 5 years ago, I whined like a big ol' baby. But Aidan... he just says his brain hurts and then goes about his day.

Kids are amazing.


Veronica in Aus said...

My Mum wants me to tell you that she had Scarlet fever as a child. Only, it was a much more serious thing back then - I guess they didn't have antibiotics yet. She was sent away to a sanatorium in the mountains (in Switzerland) and kept in a dark room.

Thank goodness medicine has progressed!

My love to Aidan - I'm praying for a speedy recovery

Kris said...

Oh, poor little guy! Lots of hugs and kisses from here for him, for a speedy recovery.

Jackie and I saw your bookshelf yesterday at Hobby Lobby...nice! You need that.

Karen K said...

I remember getting strep in 2003. and i called my daddy and ask him to come and SHOOT me, I wanted to die that week....
hope he gets better soon!

jch said...

This is so very true. Babies and kids are so much stronger than we adults. It's funny that the weakest of us are actually the strongest.

Ramblings of a crazed SAHM said...

I STILL remember having Scarlet Fever. I was 4, and thought my parents were going to burn all my toys (that's what happened in "The Velveteen Rabbit"), so I hid them under my bed. I was MISERABLE. Thankfully, Aidan is not. (My Emma is very much the same as Aidan)

Tracy said...

This is the perfect time to read him the Velveteen Rabbit :) We just finished it tonight. Don't know if you remember, but it's about a little boy who loves his rabbit, makes it real, gets Scarlet Fever and his bunny has to go... tears me up. Gilly loved it!