Friday, February 16, 2007

warts and all

Bobbie is moving back to Tennessee. There's solace in that, and trepidation in that. I'm the sister. I will worry about her. I'll miss knowing that she's right down the street.

Tonight, we had a really good heart-to-heart talk. Lots of raw, honest truth. It was healing for both of us. The most beautiful part is, it was just the beginning of healing. I'm excited to continue the journey. :)

She said something that struck me as really... funny. But not in a funny ha-ha way. She said that all those months, reading my blog from her home in Tennessee, she wanted my life. She wanted to live my joys, my experiences, my friends, my spontaneity. She WANTED it. And then she got here and discovered that my life is pretty mundane. Ho Hum. Big whoop.

She was highly disappointed to discover that most days, I'm sitting here on my butt in front of the computer... no make-up, no lunch dates, no nothin'. And that I yell at my kids too frequently. And my house is usually a mess. And I am grouchy when I don't get enough sleep, which is far too often.

I'm just me.
Nothin' special here.
Just another Mom tryin' to raise happy, healthy kids.
Just another Wife, tryin' to love her husband unconditionally.
Just another Friend, tryin' to not use up too many cell phone minutes.
Just another Child of God, tryin' to remember that she's Chosen, warts and all.


Martha said...

Your blog is a true reflection of your motto: you choose Joy and whenever I read your blog I feel that and hear it in the words you craft. So warts and all, yes you might just be all hohum, and grouchy from time to time. But underneath remains a joyful person. Here's hoping joy continues to fill your life and heart...and that your sister is able to not only find joy but choose it!

Karen K said...

Wow Stacy... I know how she feels sometimes! Your writing makes it seem like you are living the life! But you are just like all of us! Tell Bot I wish her the best.And I am sorry I have been a bad friend, and I love her.

Tonya said...

What a beautiful pair of sisters, inside and out, warts and all, miles away...ho hum? Not really.

Jackietex said...

Stacy, isn't it great that God sees us differently than we see ourselves, or even others see us? And boy, your life sounds a lot like mine.

Jill in FL said...

I've been there -- as the sister "looking into" the other sister's life from a distance and wishing it were mine. And then realizing over time that there WERE warts in that life/relationship also. It helped me to appreciate my life situation a little better. There are times I still wish for things to be different and worry that I'm not doing right by my kids, but I'm doing the best that I can; I think I'm doing okay.