Tuesday, February 13, 2007

so it begins

Dani is a high school Sophomore.

Since Kindergarten, we've been planning for her college years. We've always told her, "Your college education begins now. The colleges you'll get accepted to and the scholarships you'll qualify for - that all begins NOW, with the study ethic you develop and with the importance you place on learning." Seriously. Since Kindergarten, she's known she was college-bound and that she alone would be responsible for getting the free money it would take to get there. You might say that's a heavy burden to place on a little kid. I say it was a burden she needed to understand.

I love getting mail. Our mailman walks up the steps, plunges the letters through our mail slot with a clang clack sproing, and ...SPLAT. They land on the hardwood inside my front door. LOVE that sound every afternoon.

Last month, Dani's PSAT scores arrived. She scored in the 94th percentile among JUNIORS taking the test. That's almost good enough for National Merit consideration. Next year, I think she'll be there. This week, the mail slot is sproinging twice a day to accomodate the extra load of letters. From colleges.

I knew this day would come.
It excites me.
OH! The possibilities!

I just can't believe it's already here.
In two years, we'll be gearing up for graduation. We'll be finalizing plans for college.


So it begins.
Tomorrow, no doubt, more letters.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can...
Begin it!" - Goethe

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