Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Word UP!

Oh my word.
Or more to the point, Oh my WORDS!

My little black book has been lost, but now it's found. Yippee!

I lost it in November at my annual ScrapShare Texas retreat. Or at least, that's the last time I'd seen it. I keep my Moleskine in my purse, because I use it almost daily. When I see or hear a quote I like, I pull out my book and jot it down immediately. When I scrapbook or write, I often reference the book for quotes and other thoughts that've inspired me. Without it, I've often felt lost.

I've paused at Barnes and Noble several times, contemplating buying a new one. But it's like Ian's cherished Wolfie that he lost in Colorado: there's no replacement. The empty, pristine Moleskines on the bookstore shelf LOOK beautiful, but they're all empty. I couldn't bring myself to buy one. Each time, I thought, "No. I must try harder to find mine."

A couple of weeks ago, I again went on a scrapbooking retreat. As I packed to go, I found my book hidden in the dark shadows of my album tote! I'd looked there before, but evidently not good enough. I whooped for joy, and from the other room, Darren asked, "WHAT?"

"I found my little black book!!" I answered, dancing around my scraproom with giddiness. He sat his laptop on the coffee table, got up from the couch and came to my room with arms outstretched. He knew how much it meant to me to find my book.

I've always SAID I was a word nerd.

I've added several new quotes, including "the best advice I ever heard", which took a place of honor of the very first page, which until now I'd left blank. (That'll be a blog entry someday soon.) Yesterday, Elaine emailed me a quote she knew I'd love: "My future starts when I wake up every morning... Every day I find something creative to do with my life." -- Miles Davis. That's in the book now.

And last night, while researching for a column I was working on for my other blog, I came across this gem:

"...messy desks are the vivid signatures of people with creative, limber minds...and messy closet owners are probably better parents and nicer and cooler than their tidier counterparts." (Read the whole NY Times article here. It's worth your time!) Let me tell ya. I must be one creative, limber-minded, nice, cool chica! I'm so taking pictures of my desk and closet today and adding them to the book, right beside Ms. Greene's quote. :D


Dirpus said...

I always knew I was a genius. If you doubt me, just look at my desk. It's under there somewhere.

Karen K said...

Darren.. I picture him as the guy on those 40's tv shows, you know or maybe that guy BOB on the commercial for ED.. you know what that one is??? hehehehe

Jill in FL said...

Stacy, I'm so glad you found that quote and used it in your column about me!! I loved it when I read it this morning -- I felt validated!! Thanks again for making me column-worthy!

My favorite new quote is this one, which I had engraved on my new iPod: "When words fail, music speaks." Hans Christian Anderson

Stacy said...

Jill, consider it added. :)

Ramblings of a crazed SAHM said...

I always liked this one: One Winter, I realized inside me there lived an invincible Summer.