Monday, February 12, 2007


I don't need no fancy things.
No necklaces, no diamond rings.

Don't need Whitman's Chocolate Sampler.
(My butt don't need to be more ampler!)

No fancy fondue dinner out;
That's not what Valentine's about.

No, Cupid, all the hype and such,
It really don't excite me much.

It's the little things! And I ain't lyin'.
Take lessons from this boy named Brian:

(He's Dani's boyfriend. Super sweet.)
He surprised her with a breakfast treat

On Saturday, by stopping by
and deliv'ring to his sweetie pie

A bag of donuts. Chocolate glaze.
Dani gave him a loving gaze

While I said, "Hey! You're not the bomb.
Did you forget about the MOM?"

His quick reply: "You're on a diet."
That kid is really quite a riot.

But anyway. The deal is this:
Surprises equal spousal bliss.

So Cupid, tell my sweetie dear.
Whisper this into his ear:

The little things will melt my heart.
A hand-signed card is a good start.

Or a letter that comfirms for me
He'll love me for eternity.

But if he wants to spend some dough
Here's a little something he should know:

There's a sale. At Macy's, see.
By one and you get one FREE!

I'd like a mix of Tangerine,
Scarlet, Peacock, Shamrock Green,

And round it out with Sunflower, pet.
Has Darren won the lotto yet?

the challenge:
This week's challenge is brought to you unwittingly by PeggyD and Christina's Creative. (If you've been reading NSBR this morning, you'll know what i mean after you read my blog.)Write a letter to Cupid.Say what's on your mind about Valentine's Day.Is it a bunch of bunk?Another chance for Hallmark to make some money?Are you a romantic at heart?Do you have hints for your Valentine?Do you have a Valentine's memory to reminisce about?Dear Cupid....


Karen K said...

your too funny.. i just got rid of a whole mess of fiesta ware, of course not in your color, or my own.. red! but it was a much fufu colour! anyway.. good luck on your wish!!!

Cara said...

Nice! Good way to act like you don't want anything and still make a list! Very tricky.

Tonya said...

You're a riot! Shane and I are both laughing and poor Darren better be logging onto Macy's quick before every Cupid letter has that link!

If you want some Chocolate Glaze donuts...there's a Krispy Kreme near me!

Dirpus said...

A little thing that makes love last,
Borrow her car and fill the gas.

Nancy D. said...

That Dirp. He's got it right!