Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Darren's been busy. Two and a half years ago, we installed crown molding in three rooms of our house. The front room never got painted, 'cause Darren had his heart set on staining it instead. But I didn't want to stain the crown while everything else in the room was painted. Last weekend, he got all fired up about doing something about it. It's gonna be a long project. My house is swimming in a fine layer of dust - the result of many hours scraping and sanding 89-year old wood. I think it's gonna look GORGEOUS when he finishes!

Aidan's a reader! Last week, he brought a library book home from school and announced that he had to read it five times over the weekend. I thought that was mostly kinda cute. Aidan can't read, after all. I mean, he knows a whole slew of sight words, but read? Not yet. Um, WRONG. He reads beautifully. At first, he was timid and tried to guess the sentences by looking at the pictures, but after 15 minutes of me reminding him to read the WORDS, he totally calmed down and did it! He even reads with inflection and feeling. This Momma got all teary, especially last night when she caught him reading to Ian on the stairs. :D
Friday, Darren and I enjoyed dinner and a sweet visit with one of my most cherished friends, Denise. She was in town with her two boys for a family event, and even though our time together was brief, it was wonderful.

Sunday, I saw my seester off to Tennessee. She promises to come visit in a month. I'll be holding her to it! I've never given up anything for Lent before, but this year, I feel really led to do so. I'm giving up internet in the afternoons between noon and 7:00. When I feel the urge to check email, or read my list of blogs, or hit refresh on ScrapShare, I'll instead pray for Bobbie. I'll pray for healing, for peace, for God's very real presense, for faithful friends, for her DH's stubborn pride, for his renewal of faith, for my beautiful neices, and for reconciliation. That's a hard one for me to pray for. I want to protect Bobbie from any more heartache, and so in MY heart, I want her to not reconcile with the man who causes so much of that heartache. But it's not my call. It's God's. This Lenten season, I'm praying for God to make Bobbie the wife she was called to be, and to make Santos the husband she deserves and so desires. I love her so much!


4toscrap4 said...

You are the most wonderful, caring sister!! You post brings tears to my eyes this morning.

I have a sister who i've never been able to get along with. She's a very difficult person. I've often wondered why women who don't have sisters want them so much... This morning I know the answer. Your sister is lucky to have such an understanding, caring sister!

Sue said...

The staining! It worked, sanding off the paint? Whoo hoo!

Darren said...

Actually, Sue, I scraped all of the paint off first with a putty knife. The paint was so dry and crackly that I could probably have sanded it off, but I didn't want paint dust everywhere to go with the sawdust, especially in my lungs!

Walter said...

Stacy, we know this has been a hard time for you. We hope Bobbie can find happiness with Santos again. We will be praying for both of them and those lovely girls. Also for your family to always be there for them. Sometimes it is hard to keep from butting in and trying to help and fear that you are pushing away someone from what God is trying to fix. Keep Bobbie and Santos in your prayers and they will find the path God has set for them.
Walt and Michelle

Bobbie said...

Hey sis,

I am doing good. I am getting up in the morning and going to church. I have found a job working at the vet, w/great christian people. One of the Dr.'s is an Elder at the church I am going to and one of the girls I work w/goes to the same church also. I am in good company. Just as you prayed for, and for me to "see". God is going to show me the way through this, please just keep me in your prayers that I will put one foot in front of the other no matter what. Love YOU!!