Friday, February 02, 2007

to Stacy, from Stacy

FedEx dropped a package on my front porch this afternoon:

How special am I?? :D
I'm expecting a package any day from my "Secret Cupid" on ScrapShare, and I thought maybe this was it. (After all, I know several Stacys on the board.) I thought, "WOW!!! Someone went ALL OUT! What a cool box!" Soon, though, I realized that I was way off base. Here's what was inside:

I don't know if Stacy Madison, the adorable co-founder of Stacy's Pita Chips, is a scrapbooker or not, but she oughta be. (And if she's not, she should hire me to scrapbook FOR her!)This box - besides being a treasure trove of pita chips (4 different flavors: Cinnamon Sugar, Parmesan Garlic and Herb, Texarkana Hot, and Pesto & Sundried Tomato, which Darren scarfed immediately)- is a gold mine of memorabilia. It contains my name EVERYWHERE (spelled correctly, no less), including on a big sticker that says "I'm a natural Stacy". The box itself is sturdy enough to use for scrapbook stuff storage. If it were 12x12, it'd be perfection. Also included in the surprise delivery are coupons and a "send Stacy's to a friend for free" postcard. This was definitely a good mail day! What a fun marketing strategy.

I immediately posted on ScrapShare to see how many other Stacys experienced Happy Mail today. So far, only one had, but she pointed me to this press release which assures me that I'm only one of 133,000 Stacys who got free chips today. Apparently, Dallas/Fort Worth is one of the "hot spots" in the nation for the name Stacy. We're ranked #6!

How appropriate that this summer, Elaine turned me on to Stacy's chips while I was in Nashville. I made Amy take a picture of me holding the bag, mostly because it's labeled "Simply Naked", and that just cracked me up. But also, they're darn good chips.

You know I've been losing weight, and that cutting out starches has been a huge impetus in my success, right? Do you think that maybe, just MAYBE, the carbs don't count if they're labeled with my name? Oh, I hope so. 'Cause there's some really cool logo stuff with MY NAME ON IT that I'm dying to have. All I hafta do is collect UPC labels. :D


Veronica in Aus said...

Well her website certainly gives the impression of a scrapbook :)

What a brilliant marketing ploy! They have some very smart marketing people there.

Stacie said...

Cool! I love those chips!

Bummer I didn't get any though. Hmpf! And I live in Minneapolis.... must be the -ie thing.


Jonesee said...

We eat those chips here all the time, in fact there's a half empty bag in my kitchen right now. I'll save the UPC codes for many do you need?


Elaine said...

I'd be willing to save UPC codes for you.... What a sacrifice that'll be. I'll just have to fight Alice for the bag, the little piggie. :)