Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Daddy-Daughter Date

Darren and Dani have always gone on Daddy-Daughter dates. I love that. She does too. OR at least, she used to.

Until this last one.

Darren really wanted to see an exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum titled "Hatshepsut: From Queen to Pharaoh". I didn't care one iota about this exhibit and begged not to go. So Darren invited his next favorite date, our daughter. She was thrilled. She and he are nerds like that. (Take me to an exhibit of paintings or photographs ANY day. Take me to see sculptures. But don't take me to see historic crap pulled from tombs and vaults. I'm just not interested.)

ANYway. The exhibit was near the end of its run, and the line was long. As they stood there in the bright Texas sun, they struck up conversations with the people around them. One woman was caring for her infant neice and was changing a diaper. Diaper talk ensued, and Darren and Dani both participated in the conversation. (Darren was always a hands-on Daddy when it came to diapers, and Dani was 10 when the boys were born, so she's grown up as a built-in babysitter.) The conversation continued, and the woman looked up and said, "So do y'all have kids?"

Dani just about choked on her tongue, and Darren blinked real fast, saying, "This IS my kid!"

Dani was mortified.

It's bad enough that she gets mistaken often for Aidan and Ian's mother. Now she's been mistaken for her father's wife.



Veronica in Aus said...

Oh dear!! Well, she does look much older than she really is.

And I guess, there are a lot of men out there who have much younger wives...

Hope it doesn't discourage her from going on Daddy-Daughter dates in the future

Nancy said...

Well at least that is not as bad as being mistaken for your children's grandmother!

It is so hard being a teen. People are never really sure how old you are.

Thanks for sharing and I hope Dani isn't discouraged from having future Daddy-Daughter dates, they will become a precious memory to her as life goes on.

Beth said...

Poor Dani. I can totally relate.

My dad took me on a dad/daughter date once. The guy seated us in a dark corner to be "more romantic" (his words). Embarrassing, yes, but we just laughed it off. I made sure say, "DAD" in a loud voice whenever the guy came around.

On a mission trip to Belize I was once mistaken for my youth pastor's wife. I was 18 and he was close to 40.

Karen K said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAA i am laughing so hard it hurts. Kraig even laughed about it! I only wish my daddy took me on those type of things, man i need a replacement daddy.... maybe i should start taking my girls on mommy/daughter dates more often...
HAHAHHAHAHAA that is tooooo funny

agent713 said...

Yikes!!! Maybe by "y'all" she meant "each of you". We can hope right? :blink:

Stacie said...

LOL Oh, my!

Reminds me of the time the receptionist at Pearle Vision asked me if my mother wanted to come back in the exam room with me. Um, I was 21, and my "mother" was my 27 year old sister! LOL I still jibe her about that....

tosin said...


ScrapbookDiva said...

Don't worry, Dani! I was always mistaken for my father's wife, too!!

Nancy D. said...


That Darren.... such the cradle robber!

Apparently DARREN looks to be the sort to take a much younger wife.

Or maybe he just looks young too. Yea. That's it. Dani doesn't look old... Darren looks YOUNG.