Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snow Day

I stayed up last night reading. I worked late, then went to bed and started a new novel (the fourth in the Traveling Pants series. Yes, I know it's for teens. Hush it.), and couldn't put it down. In fact, I read it in 5 hours! Just as I was turning out my light, Darren woke up. "It snowed!" he exclaimed as he gazed out in to the darkness.

We're like little kids when it comes to snow. We get so little of it that when we get ANY, it's a big event. And usually when we get snow, the ground is so warm it melts almost immediately. But this week is different. The temperature hasn't risen above 32 degrees in 5 days. The ground is nice and cold. So we knew the snow would stick around for awhile. YAY!

It was so beautiful at 6 o'clock this morning. Fresh, clean, unmarked by cars or kids. I stood transfixed by the falling snow, illuminated by the street light at is drifted to earth. Ahhhhh.
And somehow, crawling back into bed and snuggling under the covers never felt so good as it did this morning at 7, with the knowledge that school was cancelled and snow was falling outside. I slept hard and fast.
At 11:30, Darren woke me up. "Time to play!" he announced. Within minutes, we were outside throwing snowballs and building snowmen.
And guess what? Our snowman will still be there tomorrow. Heee!
Aidan nailed Darren in the face. The snowball went right behind his glasses! He laughed his head off. I think he was proud of Aidan's throwin arm. A minute later, Darren pelted the side of my face with a well-packed snowball. I didn't laugh. Apparently, I'm not as fun as I used to be.

I asked this beautiful kid to marry me again today.
"Mommmmmmmy," he said, rolling his eyes. Hmpf.

Ian threw his fare share of snowballs. His giggles and squeals of delight could be heard all over the neighborhood.

Dani rolled up the ball that would be snowman's head. It's too big and disproportionate the snowman's body. "It's okay," I said. "He looks like the rest of our family." roflol
Tonight, we roasted hot dogs in the fireplace.
Fine Dinin' at the Kocurs.
Betcha wish you were here.
Stay warm!


Jonesee said...

Where's the picture of the completed snowman? I do wish I lived in a place where I could love snow...Chicaogland is not it.


Martha said...

Yes, I wish I were there...with your sincere appreciation and enjoyment of Mother Nature's Gift.
We've sort of lost sight of the beauty that comes with fresh falling snow. Too much of a good thing I guess...Happy to read about your enjoyment of the snow. It Renews my I head out and shovel another 8 inches.