Sunday, January 07, 2007

Blog Challenge: Getting to Know Me

I love getting emails from blog readers, especially the ones who say, "I feel like I know you and your family." The world has become such a smaller place since Al Gore invented the internet! (bwahahahahaha!)

Maybe the reason I enjoy having that said to me is because it makes me feel less invasive of other families whose blogs I read. There's this guy in Brooklyn who feels like a younger brother to me, and yet, I don't know him in person. There's a news reporter in Portland whose blog I read, although I don't know why it draws me back exactly. We have nothing in common, he's sorta full of himself... but if I saw him around town, I'd say, "HEY! I know you!" ... and I'd wanna catch up.

I've often spoke of Ali Edwards, a fellow scrapper (she calls herself a Life Artist, which I LOVE) who exudes warmth and contentment on her blog. I'd love to meet her... have coffee... scrapbook next door neighbors. I feel as if I know her really well, and yet, she's never heard of me.

And so I kinda get it when people say they "know" me because of this blog.

Here are five things you probably DIDN'T know about me. They're five things my closest friends may not know about me!
You're challenge is to do the same on your blog. Tell us 5 things about you that we don't know. Go! :)


1. I was really quiet and shy until 8th grade. 7th grade was a miserable year for me. I was a wallflower... lonely, timid, afraid. The summer before 8th grade, I decided to reinvent myself by marching into school and being FUN and OUTGOING and FRIENDLY. Loud sorta came with the package. I never looked back. :)

2. I love John Denver's music. Stop laughing! My Mom made us listen to his albums every Saturday while we cleaned house. I hated him back then. But now... ahhhhh. LOVE it. Pretty funny coming from the girl who also adores Pink Floyd, huh?

3. Bananas give me gas. Not the nasty smelly kind (farts are funny!)... but the bloaty, hurty kind.

4. I keep a pack of Swisher Sweets on hand. I don't smoke 'em often - in fact, rarely ever - but when I get a craving for one, I always have one on hand. The taste (gotta have the regular tip - no plastic tips, man!) and smell and burn takes me back to nights on the golf course, listening to Pink Floyd, picking Orion out of the sky.

5. I've lost weight, and my bra is too big. Oprah says my boobs need to be sitting somewhere between my elbows and my shoulders. Honey, mine are hanging halfway down my forearms, and that's nasty. I look like Medea. My bras gap on the sides, gather in the cups, ride up my back... the other day, Cara stood behind me, hoisted The Girls up to where they oughta be by putting her thumbs under my shoulder straps and lifting... and voila. Looked like I'd lost an instant 20 pounds! There was great rejoicing in the land! Bra shopping is on my short to-do list! (All you man readers, I do sincerely apologize for the discomfort you just endured by having to read about my boobage. It won't happen again. Until the next ones get too big, and then I'm at liberty to blog about it if'n I wanna!)


Kyla said...

how odd that you were shy, and now you're not. i am just the opposite. i used to be really loud and outgoing, and when i got to college, i changed to being shy and quiet. i'm still loud and outgoing with close friends though.

Karen K said...

I knew you love John Denver Music, I do remember that! And the swisher sweets I know that, and i know your BOOBS are HUUUUUUUUGE! And i know that you are loud! BUt i wouldn't love you any other way!

Joni-MI said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS! I would love to meet you in person, having "gotten to know you" way back in the olden days on the stampin' and scrappin' board. The more I read the more I realize I didn't know about you!

I would never have guessed you liked a smoke now and then! As always, reading your blog is fun and refreshing and makes me smile!

John who would have ever guessed that one! Do you clean house to him now that you're grown? Ü

Jackietex said...

Wanna banana? Lol! Sorry about those tummy aches. Thanks for sharing about yourself. I love John Denver music, hate to clean house, though. Congratulations on losing weight--that's great! And just think, you made it through the toughest time of the year. I'm so happy for you.

Anonymous said...


I read your blog often & you crack me up!!!

Being a top heavy mudda I share much joy with your boobie loss way to go!!!!!!!!

And I hope you didn't craave into the donut - you are doing sooo good!!!

Leanne NZ

Deb ~PPD~ said...

Oh girl, I'm L.O.L. You need a boob solution when Cara isn't around. Go to
this "Bra Clip" really does work.