Monday, January 29, 2007


I hinted around in a comment on Joe's blog today, but didn't think it was the appropriate place to say this outright: I sleep nekkid.

Don't think this is necessarily the appropriate place either, but since when have I been Miss Manners? heh.

When I was in college, a girl down the hall from me slept naked. I thought she was NASTY. I felt so sorry for her roommate. I couldn't imagine sleeping naked at all, let alone in the room with another GIRL. Bless my soul and cover my eyes!

But Stacy has grown more relaxed and less conservative in her old age, and these days, I can't imagine sleeping with clothes ON. Well, wait. I can imagine it, because from time to time, it's necessary that I do it. Last weekend, Darren and I spent the night in a friend's guest room, and though she might not have cared if we slept naked, we didn't. (The jolly gentleman who hosted our stay at a B&B the next night certainly didn't care, and we certainly didn't either. BWA!)

Occassionally, I share a room with 3 other scrapping friends when we go on weekend retreats. Sometimes, when necessity calls for it, I even end up sharing a double bed with one. Always, ALWAYS, I sleep in pajamas on such occasions. But even so, I always, ALWAYS dream that I've forgotten to wear them! Either I dream that I've kicked my covers off overnight and am exposing myself to a dozen girls and their flashbulbs, or that I've cuddled up against someone in my bare slumber and freaked the shedaisies out of 'em. In my half-awake freak-out, I grope my body here and there to confirm that, YES, I am wearing pajamas. Then I open one eye to make sure people aren't planning scrapbook layouts featuring my shiny hiney before drifting back to dreamland.

What do these dreams MEAN?
(Just kidding. Don't tell me.)

I know from where they stem. Before Darren and I were legally married, we were "doin' it". A few months before our wedding, we spent the night at his parents house, and out of respect for them (and because they didn't know yet), we slept in separate bedrooms. I was appointed to his sister's room. At some point in the night, I rolled over and draped my arm across him. Immediately upon touching that soft, nasty-warm skin, I jerked back in horror. It wasn't him, it was HER! I lay there frozen, my mind racing, wondering if she thought I was makin' a move on her whilst engaged to her brother, worryin' that she'd TELL ON US to her parents....

but she never flinched. To this day, I don't know if she felt that cuddle or not. But it set off a series of nightmares that I still experience when sharing a room with someone other than my honey.

I happen to be in the market for new jammies. Must be satiny, 'cause that's cool to the touch. Must not stick to me if I get hot. Must not tangle around my legs. Must not bind in the arms or waist. Must not have spaghetti straps that slip off my shoulders and pin me in awkward positions. Must not have built-in boobie-holders, 'cause those just.don' for me. Must cover all the necessary parts but not parts that don't need to be covered. Methinks they don't exist.


Darrcie said...

The story of you "snuggling" with your future SIL in your sleep had me lol and remembering the time . . . my mom came into my double bed in the night (my dad was snoring too loud) and in my sleep I grabbed her bum. Yep. Rubbed her bum cause I was dreaming she was someone else. Aaack!! She asked me if I was dreaming she was Kevin (my then dbf, my now dh - bingo!) and I pretended to mumble something like I was still asleep. I was SOOOO embarassed.

Veronica in Aus said...

LOL!!! I had no idea....

My worst fear, when sleeping with scrapping buddies, is that I'll snore.

Martha in CA said...

You couldda slept here nekkid, but you know it would have been just your luck that you would have been "caught" in the all-together when you got up to pee!

Tonya said...

What do you say to that post! You crack me up! I remember those days, but when kids came along, DH and I had to stop sleeping "nekkid". Go for a long can hike it up if you are hot, there's no binding around the legs and other parts, easy access for potty trips in the middle of the night.

Jonesee said...

Good luck on the jammie search...I gotta disagree on the long gown though. If you roll over they twist around you and bind your whole body. I felt like a mummy!


nesa scraps said...

yeah, when you find those pj's let me know. of course they can't come to far up the neck otherwise you feel like you're wearing a scarf to bed.

tosin said...

Methinks you must have quite the sadistic array of friends if you are having nightmares that they will not only photograph you nekkid, but will also scrapbook the occasion.

BWA!! Where can I find them, and when can we hang out?

Weezie said...

BWHAAHAAA, Stacy! This entry is a little close to home for me. Did you ever hear the story of how this really did happen to me? It truly was a nightmare, but NOW I can laugh about it...well almost.

colleen said...

OK Weezie,
with a teaser like that, we HAVE to hear the story! Make her tell us, Stacy!

It keeps making me type the letters for verification, hopefully it's not posting every time I do it! WAH!

Weezie said...

LOL Colleen....I'll never tell!

Just kidding.

Sorry to hijack your blog, Stacy! (at least it's good that it is 'back here' in the comments section) :)

A couple years ago my dh and I went away for the weekend to Ohio for a dart tournament. There were a dozen or so people from our area there and we all ended up booking rooms in the same hotel. That first night, several of these people dropped by our room for a visit and to have a few drinks. I must add that SOME had a little too many drinks...including this guy that none of the people in our room really knew that well, but he was from our area and we knew his family so all was well. He was sitting in a chair in our room and (after quite a few too many) ended up passing out in the chair! I mean, we knew he played darts in the same league as my dh, and we knew which vehicle he carpooled in, and we knew his mom and dad and brother, and he seemed like a decent guy...but we didn't know HIM. Or his name. Or which room he was in. Or for that matter, where his shoes were! LOL Everyone else had already gone back to their rooms and here was this guy sleeping in our chair and we realized he didn't even have his shoes with him. We all decided that he was harmless and to just let him stay in the chair as we didn't think he would be able to find his way back to his room anyway.
The next morning I woke up with my back to my hubby. He was cuddled up next to me with his arm around me and his head on my pillow. I lay there for a while, content, and then when it was time to get up I rolled over to nudge my dh....only it wasn't my dh!!! It was that guy from the chair! The bed was a king sized bed and sometime during the night he had woke up and decided to crawl into bed with hubby and I. Only thing is, he didn't crawl in beside either of us- he crawled in BETWEEN us! In his slumber he thought that I was his wife and I understandly assumed he was my dh(I had my back to him) and we were quite cozy. Of course, he was on top of the blankets and dh and I were underneath, but it sure scared the bejeebies out of me, I say! As soon as I turned around and noticed it wasn't my dh I jumped out of bed and ran around to the other side to try to wake my dh up. To add to the dilemma, my dh is hearing impaired and once he takes his hearing aids out he can't hear a thing, so it can be quite a challenge to wake him up.
I can still remember tentatively tapping him on the shoulder to wake him up. I actually didn't know whether I wanted him to wake up or not! Half of me was in side-splitting giggles wanting to wake him up to let him know there is a strange man in our bed...and yet half of me was WORRYING about what he might do when he wakes up and finds a strange man in our bed! :)
Anway, to make the situation even funnier...once I tapped my dh on the shoulder, his immediate reaction was to turn over and put his arm around me....only it wasn't me, of course, it was that man! I was almost rolling on the floor laughing. THEN, that caused the man to wake up startled and jump out of bed, which then in turn caused my dh to wake up startled and jump out of bed, to which they both find me standing there almost dying of laughter!
Boy! Was that guy ever embarrassed! He humbly apologized numerous times that day and everytime we ran into him after that. Since then, we have become friends and, now that I know him and how shy he is, I feel REALLY sorry for him. He was simply horrified (I was too until I realized what happened)! We still joke about it whenever we see him.
My dh and I normally sleep nekkid as well but we knew there was going to be another couple in the room so we were respectable and wore jammies's a good thing we did!

So that's my story...hope I didn't bore you. It was funny to us but it maybe one of those 'had to be there' things.


Stacy said...

oh WEEZIE. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Definitely not boring. hee heee!!