Sunday, January 28, 2007

BLOG CHALLENGE: 16th Anniversary in California

This past weekend, Darren and I celebrated our 16th Anniversary in California. We toured the Gold Country and spent a day driving around Lake Tahoe. Getting away once a year has become a tradition for us. Sometimes, getting away has simply meant closing our bedroom door and leaving Cheerios out for the kids. LOL! But some years, it has meant leaving town and all worries behind. This was one such year.

It was a last minute trip, made perfect by last minute plans accomodated by friends who are as spontaneous and fun-loving as we are. Our friends Nancy and Norm & Martha and Greg made the weekend spectacular. From the comforts of Chez Martha to the day trips by Nancy in the Jetta, our weekend couldn't have been more perfect. I wish more people were as richly blessed with friends as we are. The world would truly be a better place!

I'd marry Darren again in a heartbeat.
Happy, fulfilled, warm, cherished, adored, appreciated, valued, and heck... even sexy. Yah, that. ME. I felt all those things this weekend. But the most glorious thing of all? I feel all those things almost daily. Me and Darren. We love hanging out with each other, and we enjoy the same people and activities. He's my best friend, and was before we ever fell in love. And that has made all the difference. :)

the challenge:
I've been wanting to do this challenge for a while now. I'm glad I kept putting it off, 'cause this was the perfect set of pictures to use for it!Here's your challenge: choose a group of photos and make a slide show! Choose key photos from a single event, or showcase a collage of photos from all over the place. It doesn't matter! But choose a grouping of photos and tie them together somehow with a story or an essay or a letter.TO make your slideshow, go to and set up an account. It's free, fast and EASY. Follow the detailed instructions and upload your photos directly from your harddrive or camera. will give you the code to copy and paste into your blog - just choose the blog interface you use. (Blogger, MySpace, Typepad, etc.) - and will tell you exactly where to paste it.


Martha in CA said...

Awwwwww, Stacy!!! I love you!

I'm SO glad that you were able to come to Cali and let us entertain you! It was a great weekend for us too! We love having people over that totally feel comfortable here and make themselves at home!

And if they're up for a round or two of Scrabble, even better!

You really are a lucky woman, and I'm proud to say that having you in my life makes me pretty darn lucky too!


Love you!

Amy Bryan said...

Love, love, love the slideshow! Great addition! You look so hot with all your newly lost weight! I'm so proud of you for sticking to it, I need some of your will power! Congrats on the anniversary!

Tonya said...

Congratulations to you and Darren! We wondered where you went...your slideshow made me heartsick to be back in California again -- my home for 14 years. What beautiful countryside and warm people are there. If you love the snow capped mountains and Tahoe, you need to visit Park City, Utah! I am off to see it again in March and I can't wait.
Welcome Home and glad you had a good time.

Deb ~PPD~ said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful "love story"! Happy Anniversary a little late *Ü*

Dirpus said...

Glad you guys had a good time. I enjoyed having Darren ride with me on the drive up to Tahoe. It was good to get to talk to him IRL for a while.

Veronica in Aus said...

Great photos!! Stacy - you're looking fabulous! (So are Nancy and Martha :))