Tuesday, January 16, 2007

another A to Z thing

A - Available or taken? Depends. Available for lunch, dinner, drinks, scrapbook shopping. But I'm taken in the ways that count. :)

B - Best Friends? You mean like the ones who'll ride in the backseat just so I don't have to travel alone? Or the ones who'll spend the night in the ER waiting to hear how my sister's doing? Or the ones who call me just to check in - just to say hi - just to say 'way to go!' - just to say 'I'm thinking of you today'? How 'bout the ones who fight over whose house I'm gonna stay at, and who are gonna chauffeur me and Darren around Callyfornya? Yep. I've got best friends. Couldn't be more blessed.

C - Cake or pie? Right this minute, cake would be my choice. Rich and chocolatey, with warm chocolate drizzle-sauce on top. Specifically, Bobbie's Chocoholic Pound Cake is sounding REALLLLY good right now.

D - Drink of Choice? Ice water. Slim Fast Low Carb Chocolate Crap. Those are the only two things I've been drinking lately. But I have the makin's in the freezer and above the fridge for White Russians and Lemon Drops. I wonder how many carbs THOSE have?

E - Essential item I use everyday? Internet, cell phone, hot water.

F - Favorite colors? I like all colors, really. Deep reds make me feel best, though.

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? No thank you.

H - Hometown? Greenville, Texas - although I haven't been there in years, and since I have no family there... no real cause to go back. 20-year reunion is upcoming. I've been notified. Don't think I'll make it.

I - Indulgence? magazines. I used to buy one everytime I went to the grocery store. I've cut waaaaay back. Now I just take subscriptions. ;)
J - January or February? January. The month of our wedding anniversary.

K - Kids and names? Dani, Aidan, Ian

L - Life is incomplete without... God. How can I not believe? How can I not worship Him? How can I not see Him and sense Him and depend on Him every day? My life simply would not be fit to live were it not for my Father God. He's cool. I love the way he proves that to me time after time!

M - Marriage date? January 25 & 26, 1991

N - Number of siblings? 1 beautiful & beloved sister 2 miles away, 1 talented & hardworking brother in Oklahoma City, 1 compassionate & insanely adorable brother in Seattle, and 1 lost but loved brother somewhere in Alabama.

O - Oranges or apples? Oranges. Clementines, specifically.

P - Phobias or fears? None.

Q - Favorite quote? "If you want to be happy, be." - Tolstoy

R - Reason to smile? Today was weigh-in. I've lost 17 pounds. Last week, I danced my pants off. No, REALLY! I said, "Hey, Darren, ya think I can dance my pants off?" He just looked at me. So I started dancin'. My pants were loose enough that I could slip them off without unbuttoning, so I figured I could probably dance 'em off if I boogied hard enough. Hips shaking, boobs flying, flubber flubbering, seismographs goin' off all over the continent.... but pretty soon, I danced my pants off. THAT was a reason to smile!

S - Season? Fall. I love everything about fall!

T - Tag? You're it.

U - Unknown fact about me: Huh. This is rather difficult, because I just blogged about unknown things about me last week. Let's see. Hmmm. I think farts are funny. Oh wait. I've blogged about that, too. Uh... okay. I need to shave. In. the. WORST. way. The hairs, they are about to start blowin' in the wind.

V - Vegetable that you don't like? raw spinach. I like it fine cooked in casseroles, enchiladas, and dips. But raw spinach salad? Take it away, please.

W - Worst habit? Staying up too late.

X - Exercise? Um, well, I....

Y - Your favorite food? 2 months ago, I'd've said potatoes. But I've given 'em up. Last week, I ordered a bowl of mashed potatoes at Cara's birthday steak dinner, and I only ate about 5 bites. What's up with THAT? Something's clearly come over me. My favorite food right this very moment, just because it sounds delish, is avocado enchiladas from Abuelo's.

Z - Zodiac? Cancer. I wish they'd rename that.


Jonesee said...

X- Exercise...you danced your pants off! That counts! You go girl! Congrats!


agent713 said...

I bought a skirt at Target a few months ago. It was on sale. Five bucks. It's also a bit big. I wore it to a concert in December and was dancing and pulling it up the whole time!!! Not good :P

Well done on the reason WHY you can dance your pants off!!!