Friday, October 13, 2006

positive spins

You know what I love about my kids, and mostly, kids in general?

They see the positive in everything.

Case in point:
A few minutes ago, driving down the road, Aidan asked what happened to my old van. I explained that the place where Dad bought my new car gave him a little bit of money for it, so he let them have it.

"Why only a little bit?" asked Aidan.
"Because it was falling apart and didn't have an air conditioner," I answered.

Ian piped up and said, "Well. Someone who doesn't like AIR conditioners can just buy our old van!"

hee hee heeeeee. Yes. Seein' the positive in the little things. So many adults jump immediately to negative conclusions. They thrive on adversity and negativity. This morning, I'd had my fill of that attitude. This afternoon, it's a distant memory. Oh to be childlike again!


I picked Dani up from school a little while ago. When I pulled up, she and a handful of friends came bouncing out to the car.
"Hi, DANI's MOM!" they cheered.
"Hi Henri! Hi Aneisha! Hi Kathleen!" I smiled back.
I gotta say, I love Dani's friends. And that's BEFORE Dani told me on the way home, "When you pulled up, Henri said, 'Hey, let's go out and say hi. Dani's Mom is COOL!'"

Yep. Today, I am lovin' kids of all shapes and sizes. :D

Go forth and find positivity, even in the little things! :D

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Stacie said...

Dani's mom IS cool! Love ya, Stace! :)

It is great when kids see the positive in something. Puts a smile on your face. :)