Friday, October 20, 2006


For whatever reason, I've thrown all discipline to the wind lately.

For the last month, every structured thing about my life has gone kaput. Bedtime routines, morning routines, work schedule, chores, grocery shopping, meal planning, laundry.... everything. I could say it's because Bobbie and her 4 chicas (including the two cats, LOL) moved in and threw me into a whirl, but that would be a lie. I've used that as an excuse to get lazy and throw my routines out the window, but it's not the REASON I've let everything go.

I stopped taking my medicine around the same time. Go figure. What the heck is THAT about? I'm back on it, but it got ugly for a few days.

I'm far, far hehind on my job queue. I have one that should've been done a month ago. I have two more sitting here waiting to get started. I have another coming in two weeks. At this point, I'm so far behind that I feel paralyzed by it. When I DO sit down to work, it's slow going. I usually fly through the pages, but lately, it's drudgery. And then I'm unhappy with the results, which makes moving to the next page even harder.

Something has to give. I've GOT to find it in me to get back to a routine. I'm lazy. Admitting that pisses me right off! But it's true.

I need discipline. (and NO, Darren. I'm not asking for a spankin'. LOL!)


Anonymous said...

So you're just gonna 'Drift Away' from your imaginary friends for a while and try to re-establish a routine?

Cara said...

Stop that! What is your deal? I am about to start grinding up yours and Michael's medicine and put it in your applesauce or diet coke or whatever!