Monday, October 16, 2006

Cat(s) and Mouse

Friday, Bobbie's two kitties Bailey and Sarah arrived from Tennessee. I wondered how Ashlie (our overweight, territorial, furball-hacking, bipolar cat) would handle the invasion. It didn't take long to find out. Here's how she handled it:

"Hissssssssssssssssss." Teeth bared, hair on end, ears laid back.

The first night, Bailey (the black and white one) ducked between Darren's legs and then hissed back. Hilarious. All weekend long, we'd hear hisses - the cats were laying down their ground rules. Ashlie was winning.

Bailey likes to sit on my shoulder and watch me work in my studio. Sarah likes to pounce across my desk and kick up photos in her dust. They both love to steal my tape runner.

Today, I said, "OFF THE COUNTER, CAT!" to Bailey, just before brushing her off into thin air. Ian took issue with me.

"Mom, you can't tell Bobbie's cat what to do."
"Oh yes I can."
"But you're not the boss of Bobbie's cat."
"I am when she's on my counter and Bobbie's not here."

Clearly, Ian is on the cats' side.

What prompted me to blog about the cats is that just a few minutes ago, I walked into the kitchen to put Aidan's school uniforms in the dryer. But as I entered the room, all three cats were standing at attention in front of the dishwasher. It's the first time all three of them have been that close to each other since they got here. It must be because they have a common goal. I think we have a mouse.

And I tell you the truth. As I sat here writing that last paragraph, I heard a hiss. From my desk here in the family room, I can see into the kitchen and my office. Looking into the kitchen, I saw that Bailey was on the counter and Ashlie was reading her the riot act. Another sound grabbed my attention from my left, and turning, I saw that Sarah was prowling around on my desk. I got up and took pictures.

Bobbie's cats have moved on, but Ashlie's still standing guard at the dishwasher. Good kitty! Only thing is, past experience has taught me that as soon as The Mouse makes an appearance, Ashlie will peel out on the tile, run in mid-air like a cartoon, then fly across the house and hide behind the sofa in one motion.

I can hear Sarah and Bailey laughing already.


Veronica in Aus said...


One of my kitties has been sent to "Coventry" - he caught and killed a cute, harmless critter on Sunday and I am very mad at him.

Anonymous said...

you are right up there with us and our 3 cats but we have the two dogs and snake as well as the fish. we are still in the lead. we did have 4 cats but one passed away :( Karen

Bobbie said...

ahhh, i wuv my kitties, thank you stacy for your love and patience.....