Saturday, October 14, 2006


My former boss and good friend Sharon used to tell the best joke about a big-mouthed frog. The frog is mouthing off (with a big huge mouth) at an alligator, see, and then asks the alligator what he likes to eat. You gotta imagine Sharon stretching her mouth as wide as it would go, each word stretching bigger than the one before it. HILARIOUS. Anyway... the alligator answers, "Big mouthed frogs". At that, the frog purses his lips together and makes his mouth as tiny as possible, and says, "oh".

I often have those "oh" moments, and when I do, I never fail to purse my lips together and make a tiny little hole where the "oh" comes out.

A couple of months ago, I couldn't find my little magnifying tweezing mirror - the one I use every night - the one that's ALWAYS on my bedside table. All of a sudden, it up and disappeared. I asked Dani if she'd borrowed it, and she said no.

Last night, Brittani (Bobbie's oldest daughter) arrived from Tennessee to live with us. (For those of you who haven't followed along, Bobbie is my beloved seester and she and her youngest daughter moved in about a month ago.) I wandered into Dani's room a little while later looking for a ponytail thingy, and saw my mirror sitting there on her dressing table. WHA?? I claimed it back, marched into my bedroom and announced to Darren, "I just found my lost mirror in that bad Dani's room! She said she didn't have it. Hmpf. I'm not even gonna mention it to her; I'm just reclaiming it and she'll have to notice that it went missing."

A few minutes ago, I don't know what came over me, but I said out of the blue, "Hey DANI. Hmpf. I found my MIRROR in your ROOM last night. Hmpf."

"I thought you weren't gonna tell her," smirked Darren.

"Yah," said Dani. "Brittani brought it last night. She found it in her room when she moved out. She thought it was mine. I said, 'No, it's my Mom's.' So you must've left it in her room when we visited this summer."



Theona said...

Oops! Humbling can be painful, can't it?!

Sue said...

Aw, Stace...FWIW, I would TOTALLY have done this. Totally...only I'd have ranted and raved and screamed and thrown the hugest hissy fit first.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I'm starting to get confused. Who is the mom in your house?

Diana Sioux said...

I can't believe you know that joke!! When I was in the 12ish range, I told that joke to my family. Only it was the big EYED, big MOUTH frog. (Imagine the big mouth paired with huge eyes.) They laughed so hard and, whenever anyone new came over, they made me tell it. For a while, it was fun being the star of the show. But by the time I was 20 or so, it stopped being amusing to me.

And I hate it when I have those "oh" moments.