Thursday, October 05, 2006

50,000 and Ranch Style Beans

It's October! So why, pray tell, was I sweating BULLETS a couple of hours ago? I'll tell you: I was unloading groceries from the car and bringing them into the house. It's still HOT outside! 83 degrees at midnight. On October 5th. That ain't right! As my friend Roger said the other day, "I like summer. I just don't like it again. And again."

But. It's October! That means that even though tomorrow's forecasted high is 94 degrees, we could very well see a drop of 40 to 50 degrees sometime this month. Which, my friends, means that it's TACO SOUP TIME!!!

YumMY. I bought the ingredients tonight, 'cause it'll happen this month. We'll get a cold front that cools us down enough (at least for a few days, before summer returns for one last hurrah) to enjoy a dinner of scrumdillyumptious Taco Soup. My mouth is already watering. I can't wait. I've been waiting for this, my favorite wintertime meal, since sometime last March when I last made it. See, you just can't eat Taco Soup when it's hot. It's against the law. Come on, cold front! :)

I think it's hilarious that this simple little recipe has made me famous on my scrapbooking board. Seriously. Years of sharing layouts and scrapbooking tips and giving advice and being my sunshiny self... and what I get remembered for is a recipe that involves opening a bunch of cans and dumping them in a pot. ROFL! Seriously. This recipe has a life of its own! People I've never met get my number from Information, then call long-distance to tell me that their families love it. People text each other to get the ingredients when they're grocery shopping. It's Taco SOUP, people. Go forth and EAT SOME. It's OCTOBER! :D :D

In other news, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my hit counter was nearing 50,000. (It's kinda cool, 'cause I installed the counter almost exactly a year ago, on October 7, 2005.) I thought about having a Blogger party to celebrate the milestone, but then worried that y'all would think I'm a dork. Today, my friend Desiree called and totally encouraged me to do it! Then my friend Colleen and I spent the afternoon together and SHE agreed that it was a neat idea. So, on Desiree's suggestion, here's the deal:

Tell me which of my blog entries you enjoyed the most. It'll feed my ego. Maybe it'll keep me from turning into Jack in the Box tomorrow like I did tonight on my way home from the grockery store but at the last second I regained control of my mind and totally drove right through the drive-thru without stopping and I'm sure the order-taker girl thought I was insane and she'd be right 'cause I had $83 worth of groceries in the backseat and why did I need a Sourdough Jack at midnight ANYWAY but I digress.

Taco Soup calls for Ranch Style Beans.
Ranch Style Beans are made right here in Fort Worth.
I've heard that they're hard to find outside of Texas, and downright impossible to find in the northeast.

Tomorrow night, I'll ask Aidan to pick a number between 0 and however many comments there are, and that person will receive a 6-pack of RANCH STYLE BEANS! Woo Hoo! Who would pass THAT deal up?

Crack. Me. Up. :D


Jonesee said...

I'm one of the crazy people who have saved your Taco Soup recipe and am dying to try it but have never made it because I can't find Ranch Style Beans in the Chicago area. Come on me out. I need those beans!


Rhonda said...

For you, it's taco soup. For me, it's chili. I bought all the ingredients for chili a week or so ago and am just waiting (!) for the first cold evening. Come on cold front!

I'll have to think about the favorite post thing, but DO NOT send me Ranch Style Beans. There's plenty down here in Houston and, to be honest, I don't care for them. :)

Anonymous said...

It rained out here in Caly-fohrn-ya last night. It was nice and cool this morning. I've got the taco soup ingredients saved in my cell phone. I wonder if I should pick up some cans of stuff on the way home. Taco soup sounds pretty good right now. Especially after eating Nancy's meatballs for dinner every night for the past 5 nights. There are STILL some left.

Beth said...

Beans beans,
Good for the heart,
The more you eat 'em...


My favorite entry was the Happiness one from a week or two ago. Literally made me sob all over my laptop.


Martha said...

Do I really have to pick a favorite blog entry? I guess I'd have to say I like your ones where you do your week in pictures. But really, so much of what you blog about is memorable in that you inspire me to blog. You reach into yourself and write from the heart!

I also really appreciate your blog challenges that you've started. And like any good idea, I've told two friends who also have told 2 friends so we're all enjoying your challenges.

But, should I win, you may keep the beans or donate them to your local food pantry. We're not bean people (which of course means, I've not made your taco soup). But I can make an awesome beef and brocolli, should you ever be in the area...

foleysfriend said...

We don't have Ranch Style Beans here in BC (Canada). However ... I wonder how many I can hide in my suitcase before "foley" figures it out? We're landing at DFW in 26 days - woohoo. OK, enough about me. Sorry, Stacy. My favorite blog is the one where Darren surprised you with the red Xterra.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. However, I would have to dump some Star Trek trivia to make room to remember more than just the last day or two's entrys. We all know that ain't gonna happen.

Bobbie said...

My favorit blog is the "Dear Bobbie" one of course. I love reading your work. Always have. Always will. Still waiting for a book release, still waiting....stiiillll waiting....
Come on beans, I need some help in the plumbing department, CAN.NOT.WAIT.FOR.ME.SOME.TACO.SOUP!!!!!

Bobbie said...

aaaawwww man, i took too long to publish my post and dirpus got number 7. :(

cindy said...

I have only been reading your blog since July, but have loved everyone of them. You are such a gifted and giving woman ... you inspire me everyday.

My fav was the super short "what's wrong with me". We all have those moments but they're so hard to share.

I'm in Cali where you can "get it all" .... so no need to send the beans! Make an extra pot and surprise someone : )

Kim in NC said...

Your Taco Soup recipe has made you famous on SS! I love all of your posts. When I need a chuckle and an uplifting - I head to your blog. It's an awesome thing to see someone else who deals with life so graciously and who has taught me to laugh - many states away!

Jenny in TX said...

How can I possibly pick one favorite blog entry. One of the first things I do everyday when I get to work is come to your site to see if you have written anything new. I have learned there is no use checking in the evenings before I go to bed because you write late at night when I am usually fast asleep. I love waking up and reading your blog.

We love taco soup also. It is one soup that my whole family will eat. The recipe I have is very close to yours. I will only cook it when it is cold. Its definately not a hot weather soup. Last year I made it and sent it to the deer lease with my DH and son. They shared it with some other guys that were there and now I get requests to send it anytime they go to the lease. I have to make a double batch to feed everyone.

Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your family with all of us!

tosin said...

I have been reading your blog from the beginning, and for me, my favorite times were when you wrote like nobody was listening. Reckless, raw, real. I have felt and lived the emotions you have gone through. It's always nice to know that even perfect people aren't perfect.

I love hearing about your kids and what you are all up to. It gives me parenting ideas I might not have had, and inspires me to hang in there because it just might get better - or if not, it might be funny and I might learn something!

And in the end, my most favorite posts, the ones I share with DH, are the ones where you stop and point out the little things in everyday life. In my webpage favorites you will always be listed as "write here, right now." But "the little things" embodies the spirit of how your blog brings joy to ME. Posts like "And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva," are the ones I read over and over to remind myself that I have that too. That I live that too. We just need to work out the kinks.

Thanks Stacy! Keep writing!!!


PS. There are NO ranch-style beans here. I have made too much taco soup with sorry substitutes! Go lucky number 13!!!

Anonymous said...

favorite entry???? all of them I want me some beans.. wait i have a ton in the pantry but free beans! You know Stace.. i lost that recipe in the divorce.. and so wanted it last winter.. can you break me off a little piece of that recipe so the fam can enjoy... number 14 come on Aidan

Jonesee said...

I have been trying to decide all day what my favorite entry is...I can't. I love them all...I am a Stacy Kocur internet stalker :) I check your blog every day for a new entry and my heart sinks a little bit on the days when there isn't one. You are such an inspiration, a gifted and giving person. I learn something about being a better person or better parent every time I read your writing and WHEN there is a book I will pre-order my copy and buy one for everyone I know that can read.

Thanks for sharing yourself!

Karen said...

I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago, and I always enjoy them. You are a very talented writer. My favorite blog so far was your angel unaware one about the man who stopped to help you with your car. I just made taco soup for my last scrapbooking crop with my friends a couple weekends ago. It went over very well!

Jill in FL said...

I've never made the "famous" (or is it "infamous") Taco Soup. But I have the recipe duly copied down and it resides in my pile of recipes I'm DEFINITELY going to try soon! So, I guess I should get ready for OUR first cold spell. Time to dig out the recipe -- I know my DH will love it!!

Jill in FL said...

Okay, I have to add to my comment -- because I saw Beth's bean song and I know another version:

Beans, beans
the musical fruit,
the more you eat,
the more you toot!! :)

Anonymous said...

We didn't have Taco Soup tonight. We had bad Salisbury Steak instead. I really need a fix of Taco Soup. thanks a lot.

Cowtown Stacy = Soup pusher. The first one is always free.

Denise said...

I don't have one particular favorite entry, but I always LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ones where you are YOU. When you write like nobody is reading, lay yourself out there for all of us to see (and in my case, identify with), and just touch my heart like I've known you all my life and you are my only and bestest friend. Funny how the internet can bring people who have never met to call each other friends, and feel like family. I love reading your blog and look forward to every entry.

AmyJoy said...

Well, it's cold as heck today here in Michigan... I think it's Taco Soup time too! My little one LOVED it a year ago..and she was only 6 months old then. I wonder what she'll think of it now!?

My favorite blog is the one where you were video taping Ian in the hot tub. He was telling you what he wanted to be when he grows up.. an Apple Tree, I think it was! That one just makes me smile :)

Keep writing, Stace!

Annie said...

Favorite post - the one where you went back and identified the last 14 or so commenters and answered a question about them. Something like that.

There's a Thomas The Tank video in the mail if I get the beans :)

Janine said...

I am another Stacy stalker from New Zealand... and there is no way I could pick my favourite post. You inspire me in ways you could not possibly imagine Stacy

Please please don't send beans my way... I could not think of eating soup in the middle of spring!

Cath said...

Whooo-hoooo!! #24! LOL

Your blog is second to none in my book!!

My favorite blog entry is a fairly recent one -- the one about the Fortress Adventure when y'all blew out a tire and the kind stranger who went way out of his way for you ladies! I have a very similar story -- but mine took place in the wilds of Africa, an empty tank of gas (petrol there), two sleeping babes in the back (2yo dd & 2 mo ds) and a kind stranger named "Peacemaker."

I live in the MD/DC area, and Ranch Style Beans are a figment of my imagination up here...LOL

Thanks for everything, Stacy, and Congratulations on the Big Milestone!!!

newsgirl said...

Your blog inspires me just as it does so many others... I'd have to go back through all the posts to decide on a favourite but the "hot tub conversation" sticks out in my mind... for so many reasons... probably the biggest reason is that you took the time in the middle of the night to have that conversation instead of hustling him to bed... just a little thing that makes you an amazing mom...

and taco soup??? I love it!! only problem is there are only 2 of us so I don't make it too often but I'm going to make it for my crop next weekend so hurry up and send me those beans okay???

(Aidan - pick my number whatever it is!!)


Beth said...

Okay, I'm posting again (thanks, Aidan!)

Just don't give my beans away while I'm in Georgia and unable to (GASP!) be near the internet this weekend.



Debbie said...

My favorite was the mouse story along with pictures. It mades me LOL when a mouse sends another woman screaming and running throughout her house *Ü*

Come on Aidan, I'm pulling for 'ya to be a good boy & get the opportunity to pull a number, MY NUMBER....bring on the TX Beans 'cause they ain't to be found in S.C.
~Paper Piecing Diva~

Jonesee said...

Given the chance to comment again, I will...I really need those beans!
I must say I'm shocked to hear about Aidan's behavior...I didn't know he had that in him.

And by the way...I think that anyone who is lucky enough to be going to the Texas SS retreat should be excluded from the drawing. Get your beans while you're there...Now you know I'm just kidding, I'm just green with envy. :)

Ramblings of a crazed SAHM said...

Hmmm...I have two favorites, I think. It's been hard to narrow it down. They are: The one when Dani had to try out again for the choir, and got bumped to the lowest group. You said, "It's your choice on how you handle it" God I hope I'm HALF as good with Emma! The other is when you talked about your political beliefs. I enjoy all of them. I always read your blog after Elaine's. (Elaine's my best friend from Huntsville. I live in Los Angeles, now) Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

My favorite was the one where you talked about the husband of one of your friends in California who emails you random songs from time to time to try to match your mood or make you feel better about whatever is going on.

Oh, you haven't written that one? Well get busy.

IStandAmazed said...

My best friend lives in Virginia, and cooks with Ranch Style beans all the time. When she first moved there a few years ago, she couldn't find them at all! She finally did find them. She uses them ALL the time.

I like the story about Dani turning 15.

Noel the Dog said...

I am sure the beans are gone by now, but here is my "ode to Stacy's blog".

Stacy, blogs are one thing. Anyone can have a blog. I have a blog. It's stinkin' stupid (I love that word stinkin' now) but I have one.

You don't have a blog, you have a comfy place where I can pull up a chair and read about a life of a normal family, doing normal things. But the not-so-normal part is the gift you have of making us think we know you. You have a way that makes us laugh, cry and feel your joy. It's not like reading someone's borin' old Christmas letter. I feel it. Something in each of your posts reaches out to so many of us and makes us feel "it" too.

For me, it's when you post a song about Faith, or you praise God at the end of your post, or you just put it out there that you love God and his blessings and everything he gives you. I envy people like this. Sure, I have faith, I have God in my life and I am even the grand-daughter of a priest. But something in me won't let me be that person in real life. I can type it sometimes, I feel it in my heart, but I could never, ever scream from the rooftops about my love for God and life. I want to be that person that can break into song, gather my friends around for a prayer or belong to a church where it's okay to be myself and praise God and sing it loud.

I am trying, and I am learning that it's okay to be vocal, and I thank you for that. I am taking baby steps to break out of my shell and wear it on my sleeve. When I read your posts about Faith and God, I think about how lucky you are that your family believes like you do, and how you have surrounded yourself with a community of the same. I don't have that, and I want it. You are blessed.

Keep doing what you are doing. I love your blog and all your thoughts and I admire your gift for the written word.

Hugs :) Tracy

Mel said...

Ok... I'll bite! One of the more recent ones you wrote that I really like is the one about Dani's homecoming ( Partially because I am jealous that you have this Mum tradition that we don't have in the midwest and partly because her school colors include purple - my fav.
And btw.. I so need to try this recipe.. I just need to search out for beans!!!

Colleen said...

Dear Stacy,
Congratulations on your 50,000 hits! I am a faithful reader of your blog. The popularity of which is rightfully earned by your diligence in posting almost daily entries filled with heart warming stories and photos of your everyday life that make us all fall in love with you and your family and friends, humorous anecdotes that send us into gales of laughter, emotional moments that bring us to tears, and challenges that inspire us. How on earth are we supposed to choose a favorite blog entry? Well, I loved some of your looking back in time blogs such as “Merry November 11th” and “Magic Time”. I loved the ones that made me laugh out loud … “Nekkid” and “luv, twu luv”. I love your open honesty and transparency. It makes us all bond with you. We all feel closer to you because we KNOW you. I am a lucky one to actually know you IRL, and I can HEAR you talking when I read your blog. Keep up the good work! It’s obvious that we LOVE it. Someday when you are rich and famous, don’t forget us little people! We love you Stacy!
PS. I think the bean winning number has probably already been chosen, but if my number comes up, pass it on since I’m local with easy access. Let me know when the soup is on and I’ll be over.

Ginger said...

I don't need any Ranch Style beans, but my favorite blog entry was the one where Aidan (or was it Ian?) drew a family portrait for preschool and you were naked and mad 'cause you were late and you couldn't find your clothes, rofl!!