Monday, October 23, 2006

Blog Challenge: Do-over

A few years ago, Dani and I went with our friend Colleen to a free lunch-time concert by Steven Curtis Chapman. I'm a huge fan - of both his music AND his personality. I love hearing him talk almost as much as I love hearing him sing. He just seems real and honest and unpretentious. He's very family-focused, and he adores his wife.

That day in Dallas, I took one of my scrapbooks for him to autograph. I'd taken photos of him at a previous concert, and wanted him to sign the photos. They were in a layout in my album. I also wanted him to sign a layout I'd made featuring song lyrics he'd written. He signed the pages, and complimented the layouts. I rode the high from that compliment for WEEKS. WEEKS, I tell you. My friends got sick of hearing me talk about it. :)

"So, this is what... papercrafting or something?" he asked. I answered, with a giggle, "It's called SCRAPbooking."

"Ah, scrapbooking," he smiled. He was intrigued by it and asked me questions; we very briefly talked about hiring me to scrapbook for him, but it was sorta all in fun and just polite conversation on his part. I was newly "professional" and was timid about selling myself. There wasn't time to talk in detail, anyway, because the autograph line manager was giving me the hairy eyeball and people behind me were getting impatient. I kicked myself later for not having business cards printed up, and for not being prepared that day.

Now I have the cards and a website to direct him to and the complete self-confidence to talk to him about it. I want another chance! Who knows. Maybe I'd have handed him my card and he'd have dropped it on the floor behind him as he signed the next CD. But maybe he'd have slipped it in his pocket and remembered it later. Maybe maybe maybe. Now I'll never know. I want a do-over!


Julie aka "Jacy" said...

Life works in mysterious ways.....maybe you'll get a "do-over"! :)

Melissa in AUS said...

Maybe you should post him one (a card that is) with a photo reminder of what you talking about - the layouts that he signed. What's the worst that could happen? He could either say "Huh? I have no memory of this crazed fan EVER approaching me! Throw this card away" or "oh that's right! That could be neat idea, I must get my "people" onto that". If life wont present you with a "do-over", give yourself one. And, while you're at the post office getting that stamp, ask them about the livestock parcel you sent to AUS over a year ago... ;)