Saturday, June 17, 2006

the week in pictures 8

Sunday: Darren finished planting and mulching the herb garden. We started with a HUGE rosemary bush that was there already, and he cleared the area and added basil, oregano, fennel, spearmint, parsley, and several other herbs that I can't remember.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: no photos. what was I thinking? I painted, scrapworked, took the boys to see Cars, rode the train, hung out with Cara and Kristi, watched the Mavs lose (TWICE) to the Heat at the Carman's house... and didn't take a single picture of any of it. :(

Thursday: Meet our summer interns. This is Andrew and Landon, who are both working with Fortress Youth Development Center and living in our guest room upstairs. There are 8 other amazing interns just like them this summer. Both of these guys bring a lot of energy to the house, and I'll miss them when they go back to their schools in August!

Friday: Kristi's two youngest sons are staying with us for the weekend so she and Dale could take a weekend trip to NYC. So far, so good!

And finally.... because so many of you have asked... Aidan's punishment for lying and saying he hadn't written on anything else, was this: he had to write his first sentences. He did great on the first page.

The second page wasn't as good:



Veronica in Aus said...

I love the pics of Aidan's "punishment"

And you're a brave woman - all those boys under the one roof? LOL

Christy said...

Did you survive the weekend with all that testosterone in the house? Maybe its time for a pedicure and a low quality magazine?

Nancy D. said...

I might be sorry, but there is no way I'm gonna be sorry about being creative and in case you didn't GET that, MOTHER, I'm gonna show you that even my PUNISHMENT will be creative.


Anonymous said...

i need friends like you and cara and kristi.... your week sounds busy!
love ya

Weezie said...

Apparentely the background check was just fine, I see! ;) That's great news! I guess that means my family will allow me to be friends with you then since it has been officially confirmed that you are NOT just some crazy axe murderer! LOL
Gotta love Aidan's "lines" precious!