Tuesday, June 06, 2006

10. Thou shalt not covet.

Eeeeeeyikes! I have a hard time with that commandment. Truly. I WANT stuff. Currently, I'm seriously coveting my friend Luke's new iBook. And Dale's new Nikon. This weekend, I coveted Kristi's spending allowance. I didn't have much cash to spare, and my shopping suffered because of it.

There was this ONE THING I almost caved on. I wanted it so, so badly. I went back to its booth twice after walking away. I came "this close" to just forking over the fifty big bucks. The object of my affection? Bracelets made from vintage typewriter keys. There were oodles of 'em - some with watches, some just bracelets. There were fun words like "CREATE", "JOYFUL", "WORDSMITH", and fun themes like the one made with all 7s and two charms on the end - dice and a lucky horseshoe. She'll custom make your own word, too. I asked about "Choose Joy", but it was uber expensive because of the repeating Os. (It means she has to find three typewriters. Price stays lower if you can find all the letters on one typewriter.)

I was gonna come home and drop big-time hints to Darren so he could get me one for my birthday. But ALAS! He went and bought me a car instead. That turkey.

I REALLY wish I'd taken a picture so y'all could see. But I didn't, so the best I can do, Darren Dear, is tell you that this woman's booth is located in the Civic Center building, in the back near the bathrooms. It's called TAB Typewriter Key Jewelry. I have the woman's card on the magnet board in my office. I know, I'm pathetic and this is quite crass of me. But hey. Christmas is only 6 months away. MUAH!


ginger said...

I couldn't picture it, so I did a google. Do they look like this?

Stacy said...

Ginger, YES! Those look a lot like the ones I saw. But the ones I saw were only $50. Do you think Darren'll get the hint? hee.

ginger said...

Well, hopefully he will since they were *obviously* a bargain :)

Cara said...

Darren, I know where the booth is. I can take you there! AND....it is less expensive than a car!!! ;)

Ginger~inGer said...

There's a bunch on ebay.. I typed in 'typewriter key bracelet' and it came up with 63 items.'Typewriter keys bracelet' came up with 63 also, but some different ones than the other listings showed. One of them says WWJD? and the seller says she does custom orders too.. might be cheaper than the ones you found? They also have some blank bracelet forms listed so you can make your own.. I can totally see you and Dani doing that! :)

Christy said...

You are such an enabler Stacy! One more thing we didn't think we needed. Why don't you start a thread on Scrapshare so we can watch the fun?