Friday, June 16, 2006

good mail!

Today was a good mail day.
Knitted dishcloths from a Girl Named Sue.
And a sweet, sweet note from Beth, along with a Sonic GIFT CARD!! WOO HOO, baby!

Should I go right now and get something, 'cause I can??
Or should I keep it in my wallet until some hot, sultry day when I'm craving somethin' cold to drink?
Or should I go right now and get something, 'cause I can?
Or should I save it for vacation and treat the family to Slushies on the road?
Or should I go right now and get someth.....


Anonymous said...

go right now and get me something :-)


Stacy said...

what would you like, dear?

Sue said...

Yippee! They arrived!

And I'm just now thinking that there probably wasn't a sweet note included. I'm bad at that. Sorry. LOL

Veronica in Aus said...

So - what did you get at Sonic? ;)

Anonymous said...

yum! thanks for the strawberry milkshake!


Stacy said...

Thank BETH, you gift card thief. :D

Beth said...

You're welcome for the milkshake, Mr. Cowtown Stacy.