Sunday, June 11, 2006

the week in pictures 7

Sunday: There's nobuddy like my Fortress buddies!

Monday: Dog Cat Days of Summer. This cat is shedding like CRAZY. Big tufts of hair all over my house. Grr.

Tuesday: Dani and Andrew are practicing some duets they're performing at camp this summer. I loved loved loved loved listening to them practice for hours on end Tuesday. Andrew has written music to one of Dani's songs, and it made me cry when they sang it. I even sat down for a while and helped Dani with the harmonies on Casting Crowns' "Your Love is Extravagant" - the other song they're performing. Good times.

Made two water bottles for my Intern Secret Pals at Fortress. We were provided with lists of their favorite things, including their favorite quotes. They were fun to make!(SHHHH. Don't tell who I have!)

Jeanne came up from Austin and stayed with me for 3 days. We attended the Great American Scrapbook Convention together and had a ton of fun. I always love spending time with Jeanne! This was our first class at 8 AM Thursday morning. Note to self: do NOT schedule 8 AM classes three mornings in a row. We didn't get more than 4 hours of sleep any night. I look like death on a cracker right now because of it. Heh!

Another picture for my porch swing album and bulletin board - Dani and her friend "Henri". LOVE this girl. She can spend as much time here as she wants. Really. :)

Today I had the pleasure and privilege of shooting my friends Karen and Kraig's wedding. They have the most beautiful (magazine-worthy, I tell you) blended family. Photographing them was a wonderful way to spend my Saturday afternoon. I wish them a lifetime of love, laughter and happily ever after! (Love you, Karen!)Here are three of my favorite shots.


Veronica in Aus said...

Wow - gorgeous wedding photos! Love the little girls :wub:

Anonymous said...

hey look at the stepford wife there! You were amazing Stace, words can not express what you mean to me... thank you thank you thank you. you rock... i can't wait to see all the pics..
Karen & Kraig Kroner

ginger said...

Ian's "body language" in that photo cracks me up because John does that all the time in photos.

Are Dani & her friend in your front room or your family room. I don't remember that furniture at all. I'm so unobservant.

Do Dani & Henri's friends freak their parents out when they say they have a sleepover with "Danny & Henry", lol??

You and Jeanne look great to me! How smart to wear your Scrapshare shirts! Did y'all meet any other SSers?

Nancy D. said...

If'n you don't want anyone to know who's gettin' the water bottles, you oughtn't put the NAME on them. ...just sayin'.

NICE touch on the shirts. You left THAT out of your story...yesterday? Day before? It's been a long weekend... Crack. Me. Up!!

And yea... the little girls... the peeking... too cute!

Miss ya!

Stacy said...

Dani and Andrew are in our front room. I've had that furniture every time you've been here. LOL! The chairs were hand-me-downs from a friend who was gonna put 'em on the curb 4 or 5 years ago. Someday I'll recover them to match my house. :)

Henri's real name is Elizabeth, FYI. But yah. I do wonder what her parents think about her spending the night with Danny. lol

I don't care if you know which secret pal I have... I just don't want you to tell him I have him! Got it? :)

Christy said...

Hey Stacy- where were you when I got married 10 years ago? I coulda used some of your mojo! Today is 12 on the 12th. Wanna play? Go to my blog for info. Check last month on the 12th.

Bobbie said...


The wedding pictures are beautiful. Karen you be GORGEOUS!

Stace, again, you YOU!!!

You still coming to see me, pp.pweeeeese?