Thursday, June 15, 2006

big plans

I have big plans this summer.
They include, but are not limited to:
* visiting my seester in Tennessee
* taking my family's photo at the Tahoka, Texas city limits sign
* takin' my new 4WD on some 4WD roads in Colorado
* repainting my scraproom (not the windows though)
* taking the Fortress Middle School girls to Sea World in San Antonio
* goin' back to Canton with Cara and Kristi and having another photo taken - one in which I do NOT look like the scary fat lady at the fair
* takin' the kids to the water park
* gettin' new glasses and a funky new 'do


Late tonight as my two friends and I walked to my car in downtown Fort Worth, a young man (cute, I might add) asked us if we'd help jumpstart his car. While he hooked up the cables, his date came to our car and talked to us. "This is our second date," she said. The young man was totally embarrassed, but so cute about it. Walking past all the bars and clubs and passing couples on the sidewalks, we reminisced about our own dating years. Ah. Those were fun times. Tonight, the stark realization hit me that I'm now considered a middle-aged woman by the bartenders and the kids on the street. Even my hippest clothes are barely hip even by the lamest "Mom Clothes" standards. At first, that realization stung. But after a few seconds, as I drove away watching the cute little couple with the broken down car in my rear-view mirror, I hit upon another realization: My friends think I'm fun. My husband thinks I'm hot. My kids think I'm cool. Life is good.


ginger said...

That's right, *and* you are rockin' those gauchos!! Love you!

ginger said...

p.s. How many middle school girls are we talking about? Would love to help you plan that.

Cara said...

We ARE fun!!! How many times did you notice that we were the ONLY ones laughing last night at Bennigan's. (loudly I might add) You are right, we are SO NOT HOT by the worlds standards (well, kristi did get a look from the goofy guys behind us) but thank goodness our husbands dig us!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have this much fun without me... oh well I am just an ol married woman now. but think of it this way we were all hot in the 90's well maybe for you guys it was the 80's!

Beth (longaberger_lady) said...

Oh, man! It has been too long since I had a Bennigan's Monte Cristo. The one near us was torn down... for a furniture store. Wah.

Where in TN is your sister? 'Cause I'll be taking my brood down to Alabama to visit my parents this summer and could make a trip to TN while I'm there, provided it's not WEST Tennessee.

Normy said...

Poor Stacy. So many friends, so little time to spend with all of them. :)