Sunday, June 18, 2006


I am: wondering how many people will show up tonight at my house to watch the Mavs beat the Heat.
I want: a laptop for my office.
I have: way too much to do this week and not enough days.
I wish: I had a cleaning lady. lol!
I hate: the stupid cat for pooping on the floor when she has a clean litter box 5 feet away.
I don't: watch much TV.
I can't: have too many friends. :)
I need: to lose 100 pounds to feel good again; 140 to be at my "ideal weight".
I hear: nothing at the moment.
I wonder: what those four boys are up to upstairs, 'cause I hear nothing at the moment.
I believe: that beyond the azure blue, concealed from human sight, there is a God who knows me and loves me and longs for me.
I regret: that my tongue wags when it shouldn't.
I am not: accountable to myself. But I'm accountable to everyone else.
I dance: (badly)on tables when I'm dared.
I sing: loudly. Does it annoy you? Sorry. Gonna do it anyway. :)
I cry: when I talk about how God works in my life and the lives of those around me.
I am not always: a good mom. But sometimes I rock the title.
I make with my hands: life art.
I write: on everything. I love a blank sheet of paper!
I confuse: separate and desperate. I always have to think really hard about how to spell those two words. I'm a really good speller, but those two words trip me up for some reason.
I should: call my Dad today for Father's Day.
I start: new projects with a BANG! I love to start something new. Not so excited about finishing something up, though.
I finish: things up at the last possible moment. Procrastination is my middle name.

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theona said...

(Not) so sorry about the Mavs losing last night . . . Go Heat!!