Thursday, June 01, 2006

R&R and gauchos

After a month of nose-to-the-grindstone work, I'm treating myself this weekend to a weekend of R&R BABY!

I'm heading to Canton with 3 friends - we're sharing a timeshare condo at a nearby lake, and we're takin' our scrapbooking stuff (my own pictures, WOO HOOOOOO!). BEst of all, we're goin' to CANTON - one of my favorite places on earth. Acres and acres and acres of neato shopping. Antiques, handmade stuff, cool vintage randomness, lots of iron and metal stuff, pork kebabs, hand-squeezed lemonade, pavilion after pavilion of gifty/decoratey/housey stuff.... and FREE INSPIRATION. I.cannot.WAIT!


So a couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of gouchos at Target. Yes. Gauchos. The kind your Mom wore in 1978. Mine are brown. I bought 'em thinking I'd never be caught dead in 'em outside of the house; I was goin' for comfort and cool and KNEW they'd look hideous on me. Well. Imagine my shock when Dani, then Darren, then Cara, then Kristi... all at different times told me they flattered me. Wow. Comfort, cool AND a cut that flatters this body? Okay then. Last night I went back to Target and bought 'em in black and gray, too. WOO HOO! That's what I'll be living in all weekend.

We're leaving in 30 minutes, and I still haven't packed my scrap stuff yet. Gotta motor!

Happy Weekend, everyone. And Darren, you're the best hubby ON THE PLANET. I love you more.


Nancy D. said...

Don't go looney while away from home! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

did you go to Cedar Creek lake????? If so that is where our boat is and we are going to be out there on Sunday....


Stacie said...

Have a great weekend, Stac! You deserve it! :)

Sue said...

You are a crazy kook and I do love you, you loon.

Have fun.

ginger said...

Have fun!!

Jill said...

Stacy, "I" wore brown gauchos in 1978!! NOT my Mom!! I was a junior in high school and my Mom MADE my brown gauchos. Man, am I ever old. :(

tosin said...

Seriously?? Gauchos???

Oh Ok, I'll go try them on then.

You've convinced me.