Thursday, May 31, 2007

Intern Party

Monday evening, we hosted our 3rd Annual Summer Intern Welcome Party, with burgers, hot dogs, and Michael's famous jalapeno-onion french fries. (Followed by 3 flavors of homemade ice cream!)

This has become one of our family's favorite yearly events - getting to know the college students who give up good paying gigs and lazy summers to work with inner city kids at Fortress (link in my sidebar). I think this year's group of interns will be the best yet, and that's saying a LOT.

The party also honors the host families who take these students in for the summer. For the third year, we're hosting two of them. In 10 short days, Russell and Nathan have made themselves at home in our house and have become part of the family. It feels natural having them here. I love them both already. They're two of the most helpful, gracious house guests we've ever had! At least twice, Nathan has unloaded and loaded the dishwasher without anyone asking... and Russell is always asking if there's anything he can do to help. After dinner, they both stick around and help clear the table. I'm telling you... I love these guys. :)

Dani noted tonight that each year, I get closer to being old enough to be the interns' mom. Hmpf. Russell, an MBA candidate, is 24. Nathan is 22. I suppose I COULD be their mom, but I'd have been 13 and 15 when they were born. Still, Dani's right. If we had young interns this year like we have in years past, it would be entirely possible. It's weird to think that. I was just in college myself a few short years ago. Wasn't I?

And yet... it's true that age is creeping up on me. Last night, I tried to pull an all-nighter and finish up a job I'm working on. Couldn't do it. I finally caved at 5:30 and hit the sack. Then today, I was exhausted all day, barely functioning. Finally dozed on the couch tonight between 9 and 10 - only waking when Darren nudged me to tell me I was snoring. LOL! I should've just gone to bed. Instead, now I can't sleep. Full of energy. Good grief.

The 2007 Fortress Summer Interns:

(Russell is standing in the center of the back row, gray shirt and backwards ball cap. Nathan is standing on the right, goofy face, red striped shirt. I have yet to succeed in having him pose like a normal person. lol!)

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agent713 said...

Yeah! Familiar faces! :) ::waves at Willie and Luke::

Looks like a fun time. Stacy, did you hang up the BBQ sign?