Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy About:

  • a clean scraproom... and a place for everything... and the fact that today, I exercised discipline and self-control and PUT THINGS AWAY as I used them. Amazing.
  • a clean kitchen... Dani and I have gotten back into the habit of cleaning the kitchen right after dinner. Ahhhhhhh. Love a clean kitchen.
  • inspiration that I found in the latest issue of Scrapbooks, Etc.... one of its articles featured a scraproom that totally, TOTALLY inspired me. Just in the nick of time, too, since this is the Summer of the ScrapRoom at my house.
  • I think I've finally caught up on my lack of sleep this week. My kids have been so generous with my sleepiness, letting me take long naps every morning/afternoon and not getting into trouble or fighting while I'm doing so. :)
  • My asparagus ferns are still alive, even though I keep forgetting to water them. Someone call me today and remind me!
  • every time I call Luke's cell phone and get his voice mail, I get weak in the knees 'cause he talks in Creole, and it sounds so stinkin' SEXY. It must be known now that in no other way do I find Luke sexy. He's like my brother, see. But that CREOLE. Wowza. Tonight, he answered, and I panted, 'Bonjour, Bon Soir", just like I do everytime I leave a message on his voice mail... trying in vain to imitate his voice. I can't help it. It just happens. He replied [something breathy and beautiful in French/Creole], and I replied, "Ooooh. What did you just say to me??" He answered, "Every time you call, you turn into a big dork and try your hardest to speak French, but you suck at it." I said, "oh." Then I bwahaha-ed. I love Luke. I have the best friends. All of 'em. :) I'm pretty darn happy about that.

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agent713 said...

Hey Stacy, go water your asparagus ferns ;)