Wednesday, May 23, 2007

good things come to those who ask

I hadn't planned to go to Walmart. But Lowe's didn't have the seat cushions in stock that I wanted, and when Dani needed an excuse to get out of the house and have Mom Time with me, the only thing still open was the trusty 24-hour Walmart. "Do you mind going shopping?" I asked. "I'm still looking for seat cushions for the deck chairs."

So off we went. Walmart didn't have any that I liked either, so we headed to the grocery section and picked up a few essentials: ice cream and root beer. There in the middle of Aisle 7 was the coolest sign ever. Just lying there on the floor. Clearly, they'd already done the display, and this was leftover. I decided that I MUST HAVE THAT SIGN, and started searching for an employee.

I briefly considered just taking the sign, but then came to my senses. We walked around and around looking for an employee until finally Dani said, "Mom, it's not meant to be. Give it up."

"It is TOO meant to be," I argued, "'cause I want that sign!"

Even so, I headed to the check-out line. But as I swiped my card, I decided I wouldn't give up that easily. "Is the grocery manager on duty?" I asked the cashier. "Not at this hour," she said. "But there's a regular manager here. What do you need?"

I explained to her about the sign, and asked who I'd need to talk to to get my hands on it. She said, "i know what you're talking about. I'll go ask. Hold on a sec," and then walked over to Customer Service, which was dark and shadowy and obviously closed. But someone was in there, because she came back out and said, "You can have it. It's just an extra one of our generic signs."

"SUHweeet!" I exclaimed. "Daughter, go fetch me that sign." Dani smirked at me and headed back to aisle 7.

As we walked toward the door, I noticed the cashier step away from her register and follow us. I thought, "Oh NO! She's changed her mind. This isn't the sign she was thinking of." I kept turning to look at her, and she kept following. Just as we passed the Greeter, Cashier Lady said, "They're taking the sign. It's okay." WHEW!

I can't wait to hang it. Next Monday is our 3rd annual Fortress Intern Welcome and Kickoff Party. Darren'll be the one manning the barbecue, as always. This sign will get people's attention, dontcha think??

A 24x36 cardboard sign, discovered at Walmart, scored for free, perfect scrapbook page fodder for later, fun decoration for now. Makin' me happy. It's the little things, I tell ya. The little things. :)


Veronica in Aus said...

Perfect sign!! I'd have wanted it too...and yes, I can already imagine the great scrapbook pages ;)

Amy said...

It was fate! That sign will be great!

Nesa said...

LOL. so good to know i'm not the only one who snags signs when the display is over. i just got a sweet happy bunny display that is going to be turned into scrap supplies!

Disney Scrapper said...

I would be too chicken to ask, but I love the sign.