Sunday, May 20, 2007

BLOG CHALLENGE: love/hate with the 5 senses

the SIGHT of my backyard when I pull in the driveway.
the SMELL of freshly mown grass... and cigars.
the TASTE of hot buttered yeast rolls.
the SOUND of my kids laughing together... and thunderstorms.
the FEEL of smooth, clean sheets.

the SIGHT of people throwing fast food containers out their car window while driving down the street, you moronic, thoughtless, selfish pig in the white minivan!
the SMELL of maple syrup. Gag me.
the TASTE of black licorice.
the SOUND of the cat yacking up a hairball.
the FEEL of hot water - as hot as I can tolerate it - in the shower.

EDIT: Oops. Cleary I was too sleepy when I blogged, because the fact is, a long shower as hot as I can stand it is one of my very FAVORITE feels.
I've been trying all day to think of a touch I don't like. I can't.
I love the feel of cat paws. And Darren's beard. And holding hands with Aidan. And the way a cold Diet Vanilla Coke feels when it slides down my throat on a hot day. And the sightly tingly sensation on my lips when I apply Burt's Bees lip balm. And... no. I can't think of a touchy feely that I don't like. I'll keep thinking.

the challenge:
My blog well has been totally dry for a long time now.This is the best I could come up with this week.Follow my format, and have fun exploring your senses!


Nancy D. said...

HOWEVER....throwing fast food ITSELF out a white 15 passenger van is just stinkin' hysterical.....

Kris with a K said...
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Kris with a K said...

ok, i had to retype that one...

how about this touch/feel: that creeeeeepyyyyy crawwwwlllly feeling you get on your scalp when someone mentions that the L going around the school?

Darren said...

I know . . . you hate the feel of a back massage