Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why I Love Darren, reason # 623

We've had a faulty shut-off valve in zone one of our sprinker system which has been leaking a steady stream of water for nearly a month. Darren was able to find the valves for zones 2-6, but he never located zone 1... so we found ourselves in need of a professional.

Today, the repairman from Fort Worth Lawn and Sprinker arrived. Within 60 seconds of his arrival, I called Darren at work and said, "The sprinkler dude is here. You probably better get your tail home..... 'cause the dude is CUTE!"

And THIS is why I love Darren. He replied, very calmly, "So you have a boy crush, eh? Well, just as long as you don't start breaking the sprinker system on purpose."

Is that a confident man, or what? He's totally okay with me being smitten in a schoolgirl way with a random sprinker repairman. Well. Maybe not totally ok. But he doesn't get bent out of shape about it. I love that we can joke and play like that. So confident and comfortable with our commitment and passion for each other.

I hope I don't sorta accidentally drive up on the lawn tomorrow. Oooooopsie. I just broke a sprinker head. Better call the sprinker dude. BWAhaha!

And here... a pic of supercute Darren - and me obviously happily in love with him - lest you worry your little head that I'm seriously infatuated with the sprinkler dude.


Kris with a K said...

Besides the fact that our hubbies share a birthday, I really do think they are cut from the same cloth. Love a secure man! Have a happy, happy day, Stace!

Amy said...

We're like that too and it is fun! But now you've got me wondering what that sprinkler dude looked like, any photos of him? LOL